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Year 6 Performance - The X Factory

The year 6 team are proud to present their end of year production called The X Factory.

Ofset are threatening to close their school, unless they can prove that they are more than average.

Put your feet up, get the popcorn ready and enjoy the show!


maria :). - This was fun, amazing work

Rachel:D - I'm looking back on this and crying rn.....

Bruno F - Good bye Y6

Mikayeel W's Dad - Great work everyone. Well done to the team for this light entertainment. Enjoy the holiday.

Iqra - Good job everyone. Well done bant and beck!

sakeenah Gandhi class y4 - Well done I love it.

Jiyaad - thank you all (Miss Dankwa, Mr Hodges and Mr Hunter most) for this fantastical performance. There were a few mental breakdowns, but the result was EPIIC!!!!!

Nazia - Well done Kapenick class, what a fantastic performance!

Nancy - This was fun, this is my new official highlight of my primary school years

Mrs Flanagan - Oh Year 6! You did an absolutely fabulous job with this show. I am so proud of you all, the singing was spot on and you really made me laugh. You are right there is no such thing as ‘average’. You are truly outstanding.

Inaya M - This was pressuring but fun

Enayah Yr 6 Ali - This made me laugh so much🤣I’m going to miss everyone in yr 6

TAMANNA - I’m going to miss year 6

Aayan A year 10 - This is so funny have fun in year 7 everyone

Tania A - Super........ mind-blowing.....

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