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sulaiman - wow!!!!

Shana - I'm so sad that we had to leave our school

MARYAM - I'm crying just watching this!!!! GOOD LUCK YR 7!!!

aayan year 7 - That was a rocking show and well done and I miss you guys

Eijaz - Wonder what next year’s performance will be.

MARYAM - Awe gonna miss u guys loadz😭😭😭 don't forget me #MENDELFOREVER 😍😍😘

Aamanee - Well done guys we were great miss school so much wanna start again from nursery

Messi - So good

Gabriella x - Nice

liyana - This was the best play EVER. Stay on this website always.

Suhayla - We officialy are no longer part of thomas buxton. Thanks Mrs Flanagan for everything you've done you are the best and ms Chau and Miss hopkins, I cried when i left and now i feel so sad but we are gonna start a new chapter in our life. I hope all yr6 can read this and future ones, Have fun and good luck i miss you guys and love you guys

Jiyaad - Well done

Zainab hawking - Well done for a rocking show

Mrs Flanagan - Yee ha! Year 6 you ROCK! Well done for a great performance at the end of a fantastic year. We will miss you all.

Gabriella - I'm gonna miss you guys so much it was great being in the same class as you

Fariha's mum - It was a fantastic show. Well done year 6, you rocked!

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