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Year 6 Leavers Show 2022 - Jack and the Beanstalk


Dawan y6 (now y7) - This was amazing. Lovely memories :0

Sakeenah y5 - The show was really good.

Khadija - Nice 👍

Mrs Flanagan - Year 6 you did an amazing job! Hope you have lots of happy memories of your time here at TBP. You were a wonderful group of children and set the bar very high as role models. Come back and visit us soon.

Sarrah y5 cousin - This was a good show!

Hannah Y6 - Miss you lot

✨Naila Y6✨ - This was such an important memory. I will miss everyone and goodluck to everyone in their new years!

Maya y6 - Y6 was the best year of primary

Sarrah Y5 - We’ll miss the y6s forever. This was such a good show though! 💕

Usman Y6 - These Songs Are Still Stuck In My Head! That’s How You Know It’s Good

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