Year 6 Leavers Show 2022 - Jack and the Beanstalk


Isha Y6 de La mare
We did this today and it was so good lol

sahla Y6
We're actually doing the same thing this year!

Sarrah, de la mare y6
We’re doing the same this year!

fazzilet khanom
Brings back so many memorises what a good show # good luck #class of 2022

tanisha year6-7
This was so fun I am so proud of my efforts

Dawan y6 (now y7)
This was amazing. Lovely memories :0

Sakeenah y5
The show was really good.

Nice 👍

Mrs Flanagan
Year 6 you did an amazing job! Hope you have lots of happy memories of your time here at TBP. You were a wonderful group of children and set the bar very high as role models. Come back and visit us soon.

Sarrah y5 cousin
This was a good show!

Hannah Y6
Miss you lot

✨Naila Y6✨
This was such an important memory. I will miss everyone and goodluck to everyone in their new years!

Maya y6
Y6 was the best year of primary

Sarrah Y5
We’ll miss the y6s forever. This was such a good show though! 💕

Usman Y6
These Songs Are Still Stuck In My Head! That’s How You Know It’s Good

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