Pupil Parliament

Swanlea School held their first Pupil Parliament, in 2005. This event was sponsored by Norton Rose Fulbright and was run in partnership with two local primary schools from Tower Hamlets. This event was a huge success and has resulted in Norton Rose Fulbright continuing to sponsor Pupil Parliament, which is now an annual event.

In 2009, the parliament was renamed the East 1 Schools’ Pupil Parliament and was attended by all of the schools who have come together to form a collaborative called the East 1 Schools’ Partnership.

In November, the School Ambassadors from Thomas Buxton met with their counterparts from other E1 schools to discuss the action plan for 2022/2023. We were able to ask Rushanara Ali questions about the local area before debating three issues: climate change; the cost of living crisis; and crime and anti-social behaviour.

We are excited to share our action plan with you in the spring term.