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Mission Statement

East 1 is a partnership of schools in Tower Hamlets. We want our children and families to have high aspirations, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and for staff to be able to innovate effectively.


East 1 Schools working in partnership. Raising Aspirations. Broadening Horizons.


For Pupils, we aim:

  • To promote excellence and ambition through widening our pupils’ cultural, creative and sporting opportunities
  • To develop pupil voice and leadership skills across the partnership
  • To make outstanding progress

For Parents and Carers, we aim:

  • To empower parents and carers to play an active role in their children's learning
  • To develop parents’ and carers’ skills for employment and increase their awareness of career opportunities for themselves and their children
  • To sustain the process of primary to secondary transfer within the cluster of schools

For Staff, we aim:

  • To develop best practice of teaching, learning and leadership across the partnership

Strategic vision – shared themes across the Partnership

2014 - 15 Healthy Families   

2015 - 16 East 1 Arts  

2016 - 17 East 1 Readers

2017 - 18 World of Work and Technology

2018 – 19 Creating Our Future

2019 -  20 Speak Up!

The E1 Schools partnership shared  theme for 2019 – 2020 is “Speak Up!”

Our shared focus across the partnership of schools this year is on developing oracy both as a discrete skill and across all curriculum activity and learning. The ability to progress and to thrive in life relies on effective oracy – speaking and listening – skills. We want every child and young person to be able to make their voice heard. We want children and young people to engage with the world, to speak more confidently and to listen to and understand different points of view. Using the power of effective communication to deepen understanding and learning will also help to bridge the gap for those who are disadvantaged.

  • Developing communication in all forms is core to our purpose as educators, leaders and parents/carers. 
  • The opportunity to broaden our children’s and young people’s experience of the world through developing oracy is exciting and builds on the creative work undertaken in previous years.
  • These skills improve young people’s attainment, emotional intelligence and social skills, helping them to live their lives to the fullest. 
  • Outcomes will be shared at the end of the year by schools individually and in partnership.