Attendance and Punctuality

We believe that every minute in school counts for each and every one of our children. Being late by 15 minutesevery day would mean missing two weeks of learning in a year.

  • It is very important that your child arrives at school on time, the school day starts at 8.55am for everyone. The gates will open at 8.45am and classroom doors at 8.50am.
  • Absence from school can only usually be justified when your child is ill. Family holidays, outings and, where possible, medical and dental appointments must be arranged out of school time. In order to maintain safety for all pupils, the side gates are closed at 9.00am. Please use the main gate after this time.
  • If, for any reason, your child is late or absent, a message or letter must be given to the school office explaining the reason for the absence/lateness. If you know your child will be absent, a telephone call before 9:00 am will prevent the automated ‘first day’ call-in system from being activated.
  • Lateness and absence are monitored by the Inclusion Team (Inclusion Manager, Pathways Team and the Headteacher)  and the Local Authority

Children should be collected at 3:30 pm promptly by a ‘named adult’.  If your normal collection arrangements fail, please telephone to let us know before the end of school.

Attendance Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Rewards

Every Week

We have weekly Key Stage 1 and a Key Stage 2 Attendance Trophy announcement in our ‘Whoop Whoop’ Friday assembly. The class with the highest attendance percentage win the trophy to display in their classroom for the week and enjoys extra playtime as a reward.

Every Term

We run an Attendance and Punctuality Fortnight every term. This involves children collecting stamps for coming in every day on time (be in the class and don’t be last!).  Children who collect the full set receive their free ticket to the Rich Mix cinema for a special film screening.

Every Year

Children who have ‘Outstanding’ attendance (99 % and above) are taken to Chessington World of Adventures at the end of the Summer Term.

School Systems

We have a ‘First day absence’ call system. A senior member of support staff will call home to investigate reasons for absence and also offer ways in which to support families where there are difficulties with attendance.  We have a team of staff who also carry out ‘home-visits’ to engage families and explore opportunities to help increase attendance. We work closely with the Tower Hamlets Attendance Welfare Officer (AWA) to support and address where there are concerns around repeated absence and extended leave.

Tower Hamlets Attendance & Welfare

Tower Hamlets Council has an attendance and welfare service which works with pupils up to the age of 16, alongside schools, parents, carers and other public services and voluntary agencies.

You can find out more on the Tower Hamlets website.