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Happy Mother's Day


Isha - I just watched this a few days after mothers day and I remembered the fun I had in year 4 :)

Samarah - Wow love the work

Sarrah/year 4 Gandhi class - This video was really cool and nice I enjoyed showing this to my mum and participating in it. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! ???????

Mariyah and yahyas mum. - Love this cute video, thank you all x

Aadams Mum - Morris Class - awww this is too adorable thank you

Farhana (Yusuf's mum) - Lovely video. Thank you for creating this. It really is something special ❤️ Happy mother's Day ?

Mikayeel's mum - Absolutely loved this! Happy mothers day to all the beautiful mamas at TB!

Ahyan's Mum Morris class - This is the most beautiful Mothers day gift. Thank you kids and the staff team for the amazing surprise. ❤️

Yusuf's Dad - That was so cute! So happy to see the nursery children making the giant banner and shouting out: "Happy Mother's Day!". His mum is already teary eyed.

Joe Clarkes mum - This is so wonderful! Thank you ❤️♥️❤️

Amaris mum Meek Class - Absolutely beautiful, love the video, happy Mother’s Day to all Thomas Buxton mothers and all mothers around the world. ❤️❤️❤️

Musa Mum - Happy mothers day “ Thank you??

Shaian and Adni's mum - It's a pleasure to see this lovey video. Well done children. Thanks Thomas Buxton School team. I wish you all have a lovely Mothers day.

Mahdi’s mum in Ali’s class - Aww this is so sweet of them thank you to the children and the TSB teams

ADNI and SHAIAN'S Mum - Thanks children for the sweet lovely messege for all mother. You all are really amazing! ❤️

Aairah and Inaya mum thunberg and malala - absolutely love this means alot to all the mums out there amid the crisis.Happy Mothers Day

Sahil dad - That was beautiful from everyone jus amazing...

Manha K’s Mum (Tubman) - Oh I was sooo moved by the video! What a thoughtful video. Thank you teachers and all the children. Love you my adorable princess Manha awwwwww. We do what we do because we love you too! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️? ?

Amelias and Isaaqs Mum - OMG!!! Loved this! What a cute a video. Well-done kids for the lovely message. Have a blessed and beautiful mothers day everyone ❤

Amana’s mom meek class - So adorable. Wish I could hug everyone. Big thanks to TBP team and all the amazing kids. Happy Mother’s Day.

Zain and Saffiyah’s mum - Aww thank you! So sweet! ?

Sanjida - OMG!! That was sooooo cute???

Umar and Bilal's Mum - Aww this is so sweet ? Thank you ??

Sabiha and Safwan's mom - Aww!! Thank you so much children and TBP team. I'm very overwhelmed by the sweet video message. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful, caring mothers around the world..

Amin & Jannah's Mum - AMAZING VIDEO.. absolutely touched!.. amazing kids.. Have a fabulous Mothers Day everyone.

Ahyan Mum MEEK CLASS - Aww thank you ?

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