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Activism Buzz Day 2021


Aila Bint- Zuber's Mum - What an inspiration our children are :)
Well done all for setting such a great example. ??

Katy Clarke - This is awesome! ?

Zarina Toughfar - Well done everyone!!! Very informative and enjoyed watching, BTW great news read Mr Ash.

Shazmun Nahar - Well done ?? ?? Everyone wonderful protest and news bulletin. The children have done an amazing job making awareness of saving planet earth and recycling plastics.

Shalina (Naila's Mum) - Superb!! Thoroughly enjoyed watching that. It was very interesting and informative. Great work by all...keep it up!

Massive well done to Naila and Yaqub ??

Ps: Mr Ash well and truly smashed that... but please don't give up the day job lol??

Rahela Namajee - Oh wow! This looks amazing. The children look so happy and learning very valuable lessons for the future. Keep up the great work... we appreciate all the hard work you put into them on a daily basis. They come home with so much to talk about!!!!

Ruba Talukdar - Fantastic news edition!!!

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