Year 6 Homework w/c 06.07.20

Next week (16.07.20) is the Year 6 Leaver’s event! Don’t forget to RSVP by emailing

We want to hear your thoughts! Please complete this short survey which will ask you about your future aspirations and what you would like to do.

World of Work

Last week, we set the task to draw your dream job and what you would do to achieve it. This was in preparation for a webinar hosted by Primary Futures taking place tomorrow.

On Wednesday at 1pm – 1.45pm, there will be a webinar (online workshop) that we would like you all to join. You do not need a webcam, but you will need a tablet or computer to access the webinar. Parents and carers are encouraged to join and complete the activity after the webinar.

You will need to register for the webinar at least 15 minutes before it starts.

After the webinar

English task

Task 1- Grammar

Complete the tasks on BBC Bitesize to practice using semicolons.

Task 2 – Reading

This week’s comprehension is all about Sharks! Click the link below for the text and answer the questions below.

1. Name two species of shark.

2. What is a group of sharks called? Choose one.

  • a pod 
  • a lesson 
  • a school 
  • a swarm

3. Fill in the missing words. 

Sharks can be found in all of the earth’s five oceans: The , Pacific, Indian, ______________ and Southern.

4. Where would you most likely find polar sharks and why? Explain your answer fully.

5. What word is used to describe sharks? Choose one.

  • herbivore 
  • carnivore 
  • omnivore 
  • vegetarian 

6. Which of a shark’s senses is the strongest? Choose one.

  • sight 
  • hearing 
  • smell
  • taste

7. From what distance can sharks hear fish moving? Choose one

  • 500 metres 
  • 300 metres 
  • 400 metres 
  • 50 metres

8. Toby says, ‘Sharks are one of the biggest threats to humans.’  Do you agree? Explain your answer.

Task 3 – Writing task

To create a non-chronological report/factfile about different jobs that you have found out about over the past 2 weeks! You can research careers and add them to your report!

  • Use the comprehension as an example for how to layout a non-chronological report.
  • Use the checklist below to include all the features into your text.

Looking forward to seeing your reports!

Maths task

Task 1

Find percentages of amounts with BBC Bitesize!

Task 2

Can you design a budget for your home?

Read through the powerpoint and complete the activity sheet below.

Task 3

Need a challenge? Click here!

Science task

This week’s activity is all about teeth!

Activity 1

Using a mirror, look in your mouth. Draw and label a picture of your teeth.

Know Your Teeth – The 4 Types of Human Teeth – North Central Dental
  • How many different types of teeth are there?
  • Can you name the different types?
  • Where are your grinding teeth (molars)?
  • Sheep eat lots of grass, which they grind with their molars.
  • These molars keep growing throughout a sheep’s life. Why do you think that is?

Activity 2

Look at the mouth of a tiger. Draw and label the tiger’s teeth.

  • Look at the tiger’s teeth. Give two ways that they are different from your teeth.
  • Why do you think a tiger has different teeth from those a human has?

Activity 3

Draw the teeth of 2 different animals. Label the types of teeth they have. Explain why their teeth are shaped based on their diet.

Spelling task

Common misconception words 

  1. Natural
  2. Naughty
  3. Notice
  4. Occasionally
  5. Often
  6. Opposite
  7. Ordinary
  8. Particular
  9. Peculiar
  10. Perhaps

2 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework w/c 06.07.20

  1. Parmita

    English task 2- reading comprehension
    1. The two species of shark are the great white shark and grey reef shark.
    2. Group of sharks are called a school.
    3. Sharks can be found in all of the earth’s five oceans:The Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern.
    4. You would find polar sharks in cold oceans because they prefer cold water.
    5. Carnivores
    6. The strongest sense is smell.
    7. 500 metres
    8. I kind of agree and disagree because shark attacks are rare and they look scary.

  2. ibrahim

    Task 2
    1] The two species shark are the great white shark and the grey reef shark.
    2] a school
    3] arctic
    4] polar shark prefer cold water for that you will mostly find them in the cold ocean
    5] carnivore
    6] smell
    7] 500 metres
    8] i agree with Toby because if a human swims with a shark then the shark will eat him also the shark have those big sharped scary teeth which will kill the human.


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