Year 6 Leavers’ Celebration – 16/07/2020 – 10:00am

Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers, 

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a socially distant Year 6 Leavers’ Ceremony on Thursday 16th July at 10am in the school playground. 

Year 6 pupils can attend the event with two members from their household and should arrive between 9.15am and 9.45am through the Junior Gate. On entering the gates, families will need to queue before being shown to their seats by a member of staff. The ceremony will begin at 10am. 

After the ceremony (approximately 10.45am), parents will leave and Y6 pupils will remain for pizza (provided by the school) and shirt signing (pupils should bring a white shirt, school will provide a pen for each child). 

Parents must collect their child from the Junior Gate at 12.30pm or give permission via email for their child to walk home alone. Pupils can bring a water bottle and a white shirt and should be wearing full school uniform. 

A member of staff will be in touch next week to confirm your attendance (alternatively please reply to this email). This event is dependent on good weather but we will inform you of any changes in advance. 

Please find below some answers to any questions you may have.

We hope that you will be able to join us and we look forward to seeing you!

The TB Team 

Questions you may have: 

  1. What should the children wear? Full uniform please. 
  2. What should the children bring? A water bottle and a plain white t-shirt/shirt for signing. School will provide each child with a pen for shirt signing. 
  3. What time does it start? The junior gates will open at 9.15am and close before the event starts at 10am. 
  4. Can I sit anywhere? No, there will be allocated seating and families will be shown to their seats by a member of staff. Please do not move chairs as they will be set out according to social distancing guidelines. 
  5. Can parents stay for pizza? No, parents must leave their children on the playground with school staff after the ceremony and collect them at 12.30pm. 
  6. What time should I collect my child? Children must be collected by 12.30pm. If you would like your child to walk home alone then you must email us to provide permission. 
  7. Can I bring more than 2 guests? Each child can bring 2 guests only. This is because of available space and the number of chairs we have. Please do not bring more people as we cannot accommodate them. 
  8. Will there be toilets available? Year 6 pupils will be able to use the toilets however must ask an adult first so that we can direct them to the correct one. We cannot allow parents inside the building so toilets will not be in use for parents and carers. 
  9. Is it compulsory? It is entirely up to families to decide whether to attend however we strongly recommend that every Y6 child attends. We would love to see all of the children before they move to secondary school and believe that it is good for them to say goodbye to each other and their teachers.
  10. What social distancing measures will be put into place? We will ensure that seats are laid out in a way that adheres to social distancing guidelines with chairs in family bubbles. There will be a seating plan and families will queue in the playground before being taken to their seats by a member of staff. For shirt signing, we will lay the t-shirts out and invite children 1 by 1 to come up and sign the shirts with their own pen (provided by us). 
  11. Is it safe to come? We have done our very best to minimise the risk to families and children but there will always be a small chance of the virus spreading. Families should follow guidance from staff when on site and maintain social distance from other families at all times.

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