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Year 6 Class Zoom Meetings

Dear Year 6,

We will be hosting an online virtual meeting for both classes tomorrow (Thursday 30th April) so that we can all say hello to each other.

To join the meeting, Y6 parents should email to request a meeting link. This will be emailed to parents and the meeting can be accessed from a web browser on a phone, laptop, computer or tablet. Alternatively, you can download the Zoom app onto a device but this is not essential.

The Cezanne class meeting will be at 1-1.30pm

The Turpin class meeting will be at 2-2.30pm

We are very much looking forward to ‘seeing’ as many of you as possible to say hello!

Ms Redpath, Ms Chau, Ms Dankwa and Mr Hodges

Year 6 Homework – Week Beginning 27.4.20

Good morning year 6! We hope you’re keeping well. Well done to everyone who is logging on to Mathletics, Bug Club, sending in their questions and work via email, using the blog and completing work in your CGP books! Keep it up!

Remember to take a look at our Healthy Lives Blog:

The blog is being updated almost every day with fun activities you can do to ensure you’re staying fit and active – look out for some photos and videos of teachers doing some of these tasks!! It would be great if you could add your comments and photos to that part of the blog too!

Maths Task:

This week’s maths task is ALL about ice-cream!

This week, we’re looking at ‘working systematically’. What does this mean? It means, working through a problem where we use a system or a pattern to help us and to show our working out.

To warm up, let’s do the task here:

During that task, you saw how to create a list of every possible solution to the problem. Now, it’s over to you!

Success Criteria:

  • I can set out my work methodically and systematically (set out your cone combinations in a logical order that you can check easily)
  • I can find every combination of ice cream double cones
  • I can use my list to check whether I’ve included EVERY double cone combination

Reading Task:

Read the short extract about the Galapagos Islands and answer the questions below!

Spelling List:

Use the LSCWC strategy (Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check) to help you learn these spellings.

Common misconception words
1.     Interest
2.     Island
3.     Knowledge
4.     Learn
5.     Length
6.     Library
7.     Material
8.     Medicine
9.     Mention
10.   Minute

Can you:

a) Use the word in a sentence
b) Write a definition of the word
c) Find a synonym and antonym for the word

(Tip: If you do use a dictionary, try to put it into your own words)

Science Task:

During our time in year 6, we’ve studied life cycles of difference organisms (we focused on birds and amphibians in class). Your task this week is to pick a different species and to re-create their life-cycle. It is up to you how you present your information about your organism (remember, an organism is ANY living thing), you could:

  • Draw a labelled diagram showing their life-cycle
  • Write a paragraph with some labelled diagrams to show what you know about the life cycle of your animal
  • Create a power point explaining the life cycle of your organism of choice

Here’s a simple example (use the internet to research your organism so you can add more detail in a paragraph below your labelled diagram).

If you’re feeling inspired to learn more, then why not turn your life-cycle into a mini non-fiction report about your organism! You could research the organism’s habitat, diet and behaviour!

Pumpkin Life Cycle With Labels Illustration - Twinkl

Rights Respecting Schools Task:

Article of the week

Article 12- Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.

We would like you to think about how your views are respected and listened to. This includes:

  • Being properly listened to
  • Help to communicate your ideas if you need it
  • An invitation or opportunity to give your views in a way that works for you
  • Feeling that your voice counts
  • Trusting that you can speak honestly even if your opinion is different from many others
  • Believing that your opinion is welcome and respected

Try these activities to help you to think about Article 12:

P4C Task

Watch the clip of Spot and Stripe discussing the invention of money and whether it was a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing. Who do you agree with? Post your answers below!

Fun Fact: The Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency (yum!)

Year 6 Homework- Week Beginning 20.04.20


Look at the recipe below that shows you how to make chocolate! If you look closely, there are no amounts! Can you estimate the fractions need to make each type of chocolate?

Click on the image to enlarge (make it bigger).

Using the fractions, can you calculate the measurements needed to make each type of of chocolate if you need to make:

  1. 500g
  2. 750g
  3. 1000g
  4. Any quantity you want!

English- Reading task

Watch the opening scene from one of Ms Dankwa’s favourite Disney films, ‘Up’. Answer the questions below.

  1. Name 3 things that you learn about the boy, Carl from this clip.
  2. At the beginning of the film, the boy shouted “No!” when the scientists claimed that Muntz’s discovery was false and the Muntz had lied. Why did he do this?
  3. Which year do you think the film is set? Give 3 pieces of evidence.
  4. Choose a word to complete the sentence below and explain why you have chosen this word.

The director shows that Ellie is more __________________ than Carl.

Challenge: If you haven’t seen the film, write a prediction. If you have summarise the film.


Ibn Babattua– Have you heard of him? Create your own biography about this significant person. Use the links below to help.

Use the guides below to help you design the layout of your biography and information to include.

Spelling Task

Here is your spelling list for this week:

Spelling rule:

‘ch’ with the ‘sh’ sound and the /k/ sound
1.     Chaperone
2.     Moustache
3.     Monarch
4.     Orchestra
5.     School
6.     Chef
7.     Chalet
8.     Chemist
9.     Echo
10.   Character


Can you:

a) Use the word in a sentence
b) Write a definition of the word
c) Find a synonym and antonym for the word

Article of the week

Article 24- the right to good quality healthcare, clean water, nutritious food, a clean environment and education on health and well-being.

We would like you to think about how you are accessing your right to health and well-being this week. This includes: 

  • Enough Sleep – at least 8 hours 
  • Nutritious Food – fruit and vegetables
  • Water 
  • Good hygiene – keeping clean, particularly your hands 
  • Exercise
  • A clean environment
  • Feeling safe, secure and respected
  • Health care – To see a doctor or a nurse when you need to.

Handwashing with Leena

English: Hidden Island Competition

To write a story (in any style/genre/way you like on the theme of: This Hidden Island. 

Below are some ideas for your stories. 

We discussed the competition in class so you’ll have an idea of what is expected of the competition. The rules are below too.  Some of you have already written fantastic entries, your task is to write a second piece (a poem or a story) based on the same theme.  The second piece could be a completely different style of writing!

English: Ridiculous writing competition

This task is an opportunity to write a silly story in 100 words! Have you read the one about the GANGSTA BOGEY? Or the SINGING BISCUIT? What about the CLUMSY WIZARD or the FORGETFUL CHEF? No?

This is your opportunity to create an original story. We will enter the stories we receive into the competition. Please click on the files for additional help and ideas. Looking forward to read your stories!

Deadline: 22nd April 2020

For more help and ideas visit the Young Writers website.