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Year 6 Homework – Week Beginning 30.3.20

English – Reading Task

This poem appeared in The Guardian newspaper in 2015.

Answer the 3 questions on the ‘Summarise’ card (remember to use the sentence openers to help you).

Answer the questions on the ‘Infer’ card (remember to use the sentence openers to help you).

English Writing Task:

The door creaked open and out of the dark came…

Write a story with this as your opening sentence! Use the story mountain to help you with your planning –  good luck!

You have become fantastic writers this year – remember all of the techniques we’ve used to improve our writing:

  • Alan Peat sentences
  • Year 6 level punctuation (: ; “…” ! ? -)
  • Metaphors, similes, personifications

You could use a text we’ve read this year to help you as a starting point.

Maths: Task 1

Use all digits 1, 2, 3 & 4 to make the numbers 1 – 50.

Mr Hodges’ examples: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10

(4 x 3) + 1 + 2 = 15

The Rules:

You must use every number (1, 2, 3 & 4) in each number sentence.

You must use the rules of BODMAS.

You could set your work out like this:

  1. (your number sentence equalling to 1)

2. (your number sentence equalling to 2)

3. (your number sentence equalling to 3)

You could start by filling in the numbers which you find easiest to do first!

Task 2

Task 3:

When you finish the task with the circles, can you create your own problem like this one to challenge us?

Task 4 (Challenge):

Science: How would you contribute to this discussion?  Answers below, please!

Healthy Lives reminder:

There are lots of great links and ideas for staying healthy in the NEW Healthy Lives blog, which you can find at the top of the screen!

Thank you, Year 6

We have received lots of work from you over the past week, showing us your homework and other activities that you have been doing. We want to say thank you and please keep sending in your work to

Nuha has been revising her grammar terms. She has highlighted phrases to help her to remember.
Affan has written a letter to the Rocketeer to say thank you.
Read the beginning of Umar’s creepy horror story.
Aniqah has drawn the sun setting on a beautiful spring day, creating an ombre effect within the sun.

Week 1: Reading and Maths Answers

Reading answers

1. Here are some of your responses for question 1. Well done to all of you for using evidence from the blurb and cover to support your answers.

I predict that in the story Alex gets forcibly rescued by an agency that works for a crime group and what Alex on their team but he plans to escape them on one of their vehicles and tells the police. Tahmeed

I think there is a vicious group and Alex has to face them before moving on to the actual mission. That group is trying to convince Alex to join them. Parmita

It says ‘Action, adrenaline, adventure’. This implies that it is an adventure story. Rizwan

2. Forcibly recruited means that you do not have a choice and have been told to do a job/mission.

3. Alex’s life is in danger because he knows something the shouldn’t and could be killed for what he knows.

4. Working for MI6 as a super-spy.

Maths Answers

There are 8 girls in total.

1 girl has red hair.

5 girls play sports at the weekend.

3 girls speak 2 languages.

Year 6 Celebration Certificates!

Happy Friday Year 6!
Congratulations to the following children from Turpin and Cezanne:
Nuha – Well done for engaging with all of our learning this week – you have shown particular independence in revising all of your grammatical knowledge! Well done!
Jumaymah: You have consistently logged onto Mathletics and improved your mathematical understanding all week. Well done!
Mahdi – You have engaged fantastically with our learning this week; you’ve responded to maths challenges and even set Mr Hodges some tough maths challenges in return! Well done!
Rayan – You have worked hard all week, persevering when you’ve found tasks tough and asking questions to ensure you understand the task. Well done!

Keep up the good work, everyone!
Miss Dankwa and Mr Hodges

Thank you, Year 6!

Well done to all the children who have engaged with our learning today! Well done to Charlie, Rayan and Mahdi in particular who have been working hard for the majority of the day it seems; we look forward to hearing from more of you as the week goes along! Here are some of the children’s work if you need some inspiration:

Even Mr Hodges enjoyed solving the maths problem…

Well done to those children who have been accessing Mathletics and Bug Club already. Some of you have already earned your bronze certificates for this week!

We look forward to reading more of your letters and maths solutions during the rest of the week!

Week 1: Y6 Blog Activities

  1. Reading task

Look at the front cover and blurb of Anthony Horowitz’s book. Answer the questions below. The answers will be posted next Monday.

1) Look at the front cover: make a prediction about the story by using the title and the images on the front of the book.
2) Read the blurb. What does ‘forcibly recruited’ mean?
3) What ‘mortal danger’ do you think Alex Ride could be in?
4) According to the text, what is Alex Rider’s first mission?

2. Writing task

  1. Write a letter from the small boy thanking the Rocketeer for his help.
  2. Design an enemy for the Rocketeer to defeat. Label the different defence mechanisms that it has. Explain why it is the Rocketeer’s enemy.

3. Maths Task

There are 24 children in James’ and Robbie’s class.
There are twice as many boys as girls.
One sixth of the children have red hair.
One quarter of these are girls.
Five eighths play sport at the weekend.
One third of these are girls.
One quarter of the children speak at least two languages. Half of these are girls.

Write or draw what you know about the girls in James’ and Robbie’s class. Use bar models to help you show your answer. Send us your answers and we will post next week!

4. Science Task

All you need:

  • Plastic comb
  • Running tap water
  • Clean hair or a cotton cloth

Brush the comb through your hair 10 times or rub against a cotton cloth 10 times.
Place the comb next to the running tap.
Watch what happens to the water.

  1. What happens to the water?
  2. Why do you think this has happened?
  3. Will the temperature change the reaction?
  4. What happens if you change the size of the comb?
    You can record your findings as a labelled diagram/photo or a written paragraph. Don’t forget to share!

Experiment shared from

5. P4C Task

Can you ever exercise too much?

You can record your responses and share with adult permission, write your response in the comments or however you choose.

Don’t forget to exercise DAILY!

You can exercise with Joe Wicks, who will be producing daily workout videos during this period.

Year 6 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 blog space. The Year 6 team will be updating this space with learning activities for your child to complete while they are learning at home. As part of the home learning programme, we expect children to complete:

  1. Mathletics & Bug Club daily
  2. Blog activities posted weekly on a Tuesday
  3. Year 6 activity pack
  4. Any additional activities

1.   Mathletics & Bug Club

Mr Hodges and Ms Dankwa will be checking that Mathletics and Bug Club activities are being completed daily. We will be assigning tasks daily and checking the leader boards. People who are completing tasks daily will be nominated for achievement awards on Friday. 

2.   Blog activities posted weekly

Every Tuesday, we will be posting new activities for you to complete. These will include Reading, Writing, Maths, Science and P4C activities. Each of these should be completed over the course of the week.

3.   Year 6 activity pack

Before school closed, each child was given a pack with a range of tasks to be completed. Children can select tasks from this pack that they can complete daily.

4.   Any additional activities

At Thomas Buxton, we always encourage our students to go the extra mile. We would like to see the creative ways that you are passing the time to our email address below.

Work expectations

We expect all children to be learning on a daily basis. The Year 6 teachers have designed these activities in order for children to meet these expectations.Mr Hodges and Ms Dankwa will be checking all platforms on a daily basis. It is important that your child maintains an education during these uncertain times and we will do what we can to support you.

Achievement awards

Every week, 2 children from the year group will be selected to receive an achievement award.This award will go to those who have performed exceptionally well over the week.Share the work that your children have produced with us by email. This can be stories, drawings, craft projects, cooking tasks, science experiments, maths activities etc. to the email below. You may see your work in the Our Work section.

Email us

You can still communicate with us via email on your child’s behalf:

If your child is having difficulty logging into their Bug Club or Mathletics, please email so we can help.

We look forwards to hearing from you all.

Year 6 Team