Monthly Archives: October 2018

A Visit to Santander

Today the Year 5 and 6 School Ambassadors were invited to visit Santander Bishopsgate by the branch director Ben Osborne to celebrate Maths Week and see what goes on behind the scenes   in a bank.

The pupils were lucky enough to meet Santander employees who explained their jobs and roles within the company.

Sam explained that she is a mortgage advisor and that she helps people by loaning them money so that they can buy a house or flat. I already knew that a mortgage is usually offered to customers at 4.5 times their salary and that people usually need a deposit of 10%. Rahma

After meeting Sam, the children were introduced to Jemima- an employee who is currently completing the Santander Graduate Scheme- who explained that she studied Economics at university and focused diligently in her maths lessons at school.

After this, the pupils were taken to ‘the vault’ (the office where the money is securely stored) and Susie, the Customer Services Manager, gave them the chance to handle and count bank notes. They calculated how much money was in each bag and held bags of notes which contained £1000!


Finally, Ben demonstrated to the ambassadors how to deposit cheques and withdraw money using Santander’s machines. The children enjoyed learning how to do this and understood the importance of not sharing a PIN number with anyone.

Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and want to say a big thank you to Ben, Sam, Sunil, Jemima, Darren and everyone at Santander for welcoming them into the bank and teaching them so much about how the business functions and key financial skills. The pupils are now looking forward to sharing with their classes what they did and how a bank works.

Walk to School Month: Walkers’ Breakfasts

On Friday 12th October, the pupils of Thomas Buxton donned their walking shoes and walked to school in order to reduce traffic, make healthy choices and encourage others to ditch the cars. The newly-recruited Junior Travel Ambassadors were on hand in the morning to reward walkers with a cup of sugar-free squash and a cereal bar as well as distribute special badges to those pupils who had made a conscientious choice to reduce car pollution.

I normally come into school by car but this week we have been parking a few streets away from school and walking the rest of the way. It has been good to get some exercise before school and to spend quality time with my family. 


I noticed that there have been less cars outside school this week and that has made it safer for us pupils when we are crossing the road. It also means that entrances aren’t blocked and people can walk safely. Sudais