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Year 6 Computing – How does the Internet work?

This half term, Year 6 have been investigating how information is transported through the Internet.

We thought about how computers are linked together and the different components that make up the Internet for example: routers, Internet Service Providers, wireless and wired devices.

Can you think of a wireless device and a wired device that you can access the Internet on?

We mapped out how all these components are linked together and the route that information takes when it travels from one place to another.

We then continued our learning by thinking about ways the internet might fail and how processes are designed to stop this.

We acted as routers and packets of information and passed small messages around the classroom to each other.

We thought about how this learning links to our Rights for example, the right to have honest information. Do you think everything on the Internet is always honest and true?

This also linked to our E-Safety learning – we thought about how it is important to think about the information we send over the Internet and how important it is that certain data is protected.

If you’d like to know more about how information travels using the Internet leave a comment below and we’ll reply!