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Year 6 – World War II Information Maps

In Year 6, we have been using sensor blocks on Scratch to allow different sprites to interact with each other.

We combined our coding skills with our topic – World War II – to produce some informative maps of Europe.

This was quite a tricky process, so we had to use our debugging skills to find out what parts of our algorithm would need amending.

We researched some facts about World War II, making sure that we used safe search engines to find reliable information.  We thought about how this linked to Article 17, the right to have honest information. 

What games do you play that would include sensor blocks?

What do you like about our games?

What could we do to make them even better?

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Goodnight Mister Tom – RRSA Discussion

In Year 6, we have been reading Goodnight Mister Tom during Guided Reading sessions.  This narrative is about a young boy who is evacuated from London during The Blitz.

We thought about how the main character’s life would be different if the RRSA Articles had been created during that time.

Here are some quotes from our discussion:

“I think Article 19 is being respected because he is living in a safe shelter. I also think Article 38 is being respected because he is being protected.” – Saima

“Article 9 is not being respected because he wants to stay with Mister Tom but he has to go back to his mother because she is ill.” Riyaz

“I think Article 9 is not being respected because when it is safe in England Willie has to go back to live with his mum, even though it is not best for him.” Siham

“I think Article 39 is not being respected because his bruises have not been treated.” Zainab

“I think Article 38 is being respected because Willie is being looked after by Tom.” Eva

“Article 20 ‘You should be looked after properly if you can’t live with your family’ is being respected since he lives with Mister Tom.” Maryam

“I think Article 28 is going to be respected because I remember reading that Willie was soon to be going to school.” Ismail

Here are some of the Articles we discussed:

Article 27 – the right to a good standard of living

Article 28 – the right to learn and go to school

Article 25 – children who are not living with their families should be checked on regularly to see if they’re okay

Article 9 – right to be with parents if that’s what’s best for you.

Article 39 – children should get special help if they have been abused

Article 38 – children should be protected during a war

Article 20 – you should be looked after properly if you can’t be with your family

Article 19 – you should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe

What other Articles do you think apply to this story?

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