Monthly Archives: October 2017

Day 2 at Little Canada


Having settled in nicely, Year 6 have been up to some more exciting activities. Here are some photos from our night beach walk/ camp fire, quad biking, tunnelling and catwalk.



We have limited internet over here on the island but we hope you’re enjoying the updates so far.

Anti-Discrimination Workshops in Year 6

This week, Year 6 had a special visit from the Anne Frank Trust for some workshops about anti-discrimination.


It gave us the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how to challenge stereotypes and exercise our right to speak and be heard.


We thought about historical events in which prejudice and discrimination caused suffering for millions of people.


In the afternoon we focused our learning on how to be safe and responsible digital citizens; learning about a wide range of E-Safety issues in depth.


Here are some pictures of our freeze-frames and ‘conscience alley’ from the day: