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Year 6 Activity Week

A much-anticipated and well-received week kicked off on Monday the 16th of May, as Year 6 began to let their hair down!

Teachers were greeted with excitement and commotion on the first morning back after SATs week as the children began their well-deserved week of treats!

To kick off, Meerkats class enjoyed a day of art and cooking, whilst Turtles trekked to Shadwell Basin to sample the delights of canoeing and kayaking – not to mention a good old-fashioned play in the park! A special mention to those children who managed to ‘accidentally’ fall in.

IMG_0390 IMG_0391

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On Tuesday, everybody walked to Victoria Park (with no moans!) to enjoy an action-packed day of playtime in the adventure playground, relay races, ball games and chill out time. How good was 10, 50, 100? ExhaustionΒ began to kick in on the way home, but all children and teachers had a wonderful day in the sun.

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Wednesday began with anΒ unfortunate turn of events in that Sports Day was cancelled! Never ones to dwell and ruminate, Turtles and Meerkats made the most of the day by playing games in class, brushing up on their artwork and enjoying spending time together. The children really showed how to get over an unwanted obstacle in style!

Thursday was a role-reversal, as Turtles began their artwork for the London Project while Meerkats went to Shadwell Basin. In the afternoon, preparations were made for the upcoming carnival, as Turtles class worked with Bow Arts to produce some headdresses and collars. The artists were blown away by the children’s designs, and have promised to come back with some awesome custom-made costumes ready for the carnival.

IMG_0392 IMG_0393

Friday looms and Activity Week draws to a close, but the children are ending it with a bang by visiting Weaver’s Fields to play and relaxing with a film for the afternoon.

Well done Year 6, you have thoroughly deserved this treat and the whole school is proud of everything you have achieved!