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Blitzed: The Second World War


Hi Year 6,

Here is a link to the website you may have already explored when doing your ‘pick and mix’ activities for our current topic ‘Blitzed’.  Has anyone tried out the ‘Ration Recipe’? If so, what was it like?

So far, in class, we have looked at the major countries and leaders involved in WWII, Henry Moore’s sketches of underground shelters and what life was like for different people during the war.

Soon, we will be focusing on the Blitz and how it affected our local area. We will also be doing some writing inspired by what happened in our very own neighbourhoods, when London was being heavily bombed.

If you haven’t had a look at the website already – the section on ‘Children at war’ is particularly interesting.  Find out:  What was life like for children in London between 1939 and 1945? Reply to this post with some fascinating facts, in your own words.

We look forward to hearing what you learn,

Ms John, Mr Cuthbertson & Ms Elliott