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Winter Art Day


What an inspiring, creative day that we had at Winter Art Day! We looked at how sculptor Andy Goldsworthy finds inspiration for artworks from nature. Here is a website you can check out yourself for further information: Patterns in nature!

With ‘perseverance’, we created snowflakes from sticks, that Miss Elliot collected in her local forest, and ‘cool-colour’ wool. Many of you were very engaged in the topic and asked about continuing the learning at home. Here is a link to a website you can use to continue at home: Make at home!


Vikings: Valiant or Vicious?


Hi Year 6.

This week we have begun learning about the Vikings. On Monday we will be visiting the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to extend our learning and to participate in a ‘Viking Workshop’.

Below is the link to the National Maritime Museum Website about Vikings, if you would like to check it out where we are going.

Here is another link to an amazing Viking website from the BBC. It has games, information, timelines and other interesting Viking activities. When you have finished exploring the websites, leave a comment telling us about the best thing you discovered online about Vikings.

BBC – Vikings

Have Fun!

Mr Cuthbertson and Ms John

Viking website