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World War II – What Next?

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Hello Year 6!

We’ve learnt so much about World War II this term that it’s hard to imagine what else there is to learn!  Whilst looking at key events, key figures and the many consequences of war, you have impressed us with your enthusiasm on the topic, your research skills and with the presentation of information in your writing.

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However, you’ll be glad to know that there is still so much to explore when it comes to this topic!  

This half-term we will be delving deeper and taking a closer look at some of the personal stories from everyday people caught up in the war.  This should inspire some more great writing!  Take a sneak peek at the ‘Their Past, Your Future’ website where you can find real diaries, photographs, films, and personal stories from the Second World War.

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Happy hunting!  Let us know which stories you find the most interesting and why!

Miss John, Mr Cooke and Mr Leigh

P.S. If you enjoyed making our timeline of the war, there is also an interactive timeline on the website.  Not only does it go into more detail but you can use it to compare what was going on in different parts of the world around wartime!

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