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Year 6 Homework w/b 13.07.20


Ready for Secondary School..?

Activity 1

Take some time to identify Star qualities about yourself. Use this exercise to focus on the things that you have been successful at, your strengths, talents and interests. Write these down within a star and display somewhere in your home.

Take some time to identify Star qualities about yourself. Use this exercise to focus on the things that you have been successful at, your strengths, talents and interests. Write these down within a star and display somewhere in your home.

Activity 2

Using the 3 headings below, make a list of the things that you are excited about, not sure and the things that make you nervous about going to secondary school.

Leave you comments underneath this week’s P4C page, so we can share and discuss your thoughts and concerns.

English task

Task 1 – Grammar

Complete the tasks on BBC Bitesize to practicing using relative clauses.

Task 2 – Writing task

You’re going to write a poem this week. It is up to you what your poem is about and what it looks like! Click on the link below for examples of poems that might inspire!

Task 3 – Writing

Maths task

This week, you will be calculating the area and perimeter of different shapes! Watch the video for a tutorial and complete the tasks below.

Task 1

Task 2

Have a go at completing this week’s maths challenges from BBC Bitesize.

Spelling task

Common misconception words

  1. Muscle
  2. Necessary
  3. Neighbour
  4. Nuisance
  5. Occupy
  6. Occur
  7. Opportunity
  8. Parliament
  9. Persuade
  10. physical
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P4C Task w/b 13.07.2020

It is the last week of school and the last week as a Thomas Buxton Pupil! ๐Ÿ™

But as one chapter closes, another opens and you will soon be starting at your new secondary schools.

Is change a good or a bad thing?

What are the things that you are unsure, excited or nervous about secondary school. Leave your comments below.

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Y6 Virtual Shirt Signing

Dear Y6 Parents and Carers,

We are excited to announce that we have a virtual โ€˜shirt-signingโ€™ link on the school website. Each pupil will be able to log in and leave messages for the other Y6 children which will then be downloaded and handed out during the Y6 Leaversโ€™ Ceremony.

Your child should follow the steps below and write a nice message for each of the other Y6 children and in return they should receive around 57 back which they can keep forever. Teachers will moderate and approve comments to ensure that they are kind and appropriate but please supervise your child as they write their messages.

Steps to follow

  1. Click on this link: https://www.thomasbuxton.towerhamlets.sch.uk/sign-my-shirt
  2. Enter your childโ€™s code in the box (see below for your unique code).
  3. Click on each class and start typing a message for each Y6 pupil.
  4. Teachers will check each comment and approve each one.
  5. Teachers will print off your comments for you and hand them out at the Y6 Leavers’ Ceremony

Your childโ€™s code has been emailed to you privately

Please let us know if there are any issues.

Kind regards,

The Y6 Team

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Year 6 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 blog space. The Year 6 team will be updating this space with learning activities for your child to complete while they are learning at home. As part of the home learning programme, we expect children to complete:

  1. Mathletics & Bug Club daily
  2. Blog activities posted weekly on a Tuesday
  3. Year 6 activity pack
  4. Any additional activities

1.   Mathletics & Bug Club

Mr Hodges and Ms Dankwa will be checking that Mathletics and Bug Club activities are being completed daily. We will be assigning tasks daily and checking the leader boards. People who are completing tasks daily will be nominated for achievement awards on Friday. 

2.   Blog activities posted weekly

Every Tuesday, we will be posting new activities for you to complete. These will include Reading, Writing, Maths, Science and P4C activities. Each of these should be completed over the course of the week.

3.   Year 6 activity pack

Before school closed, each child was given a pack with a range of tasks to be completed. Children can select tasks from this pack that they can complete daily.

4.   Any additional activities

At Thomas Buxton, we always encourage our students to go the extra mile. We would like to see the creative ways that you are passing the time to our email address below.

Work expectations

We expect all children to be learning on a daily basis. The Year 6ย teachersย haveย designed these activities in order for children to meet these expectations.Mr Hodges and Ms Dankwa will be checking all platforms on a daily basis. It is important that your child maintains an education during these uncertain times and we will do what we can to support you.

Achievement awards

Every week, 2 children from the year group will be selected to receive an achievement award.This award will go to those who have performed exceptionally well over the week.Share the work that your children have produced with us by email. This can be stories, drawings, craft projects, cooking tasks, science experiments, maths activities etc. to the email below. You may see your work in the Our Work section.

Email us

You can still communicate with us via email on your childโ€™s behalf: ย 


If your child is having difficulty logging into their Bug Club or Mathletics, please email so we can help.

We look forwards to hearing from you all.

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Homework w/c 06.07.20

Next week (16.07.20) is the Year 6 Leaver’s event! Don’t forget to RSVP by emailing year6@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk

We want to hear your thoughts! Please complete this short survey which will ask you about your future aspirations and what you would like to do. https://forms.gle/7EyES57uL5ui1CZw9

World of Work

Last week, we set the task to draw your dream job and what you would do to achieve it. This was in preparation for a webinar hosted by Primary Futures taking place tomorrow.

On Wednesday at 1pm – 1.45pm, there will be a webinar (online workshop) that we would like you all to join. You do not need a webcam, but you will need a tablet or computer to access the webinar. Parents and carers are encouraged to join and complete the activity after the webinar.

You will need to register for the webinar at least 15 minutes before it starts. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3226286381634598156

After the webinar

English task

Task 1- Grammar

Complete the tasks on BBC Bitesize to practice using semicolons.

Task 2 – Reading

This week’s comprehension is all about Sharks! Click the link below for the text and answer the questions below.

1. Name two species of shark.

2. What is a group of sharks called? Choose one.

  • a pod 
  • a lesson 
  • a school 
  • a swarm

3. Fill in the missing words. 

Sharks can be found in all of the earthโ€™s five oceans: The , Pacific, Indian, ______________ and Southern.

4. Where would you most likely find polar sharks and why? Explain your answer fully.

5. What word is used to describe sharks? Choose one.

  • herbivore 
  • carnivore 
  • omnivore 
  • vegetarian 

6. Which of a sharkโ€™s senses is the strongest? Choose one.

  • sight 
  • hearing 
  • smell
  • taste

7. From what distance can sharks hear fish moving? Choose one

  • 500 metres 
  • 300 metres 
  • 400 metres 
  • 50 metres

8. Toby says, โ€˜Sharks are one of the biggest threats to humans.โ€™  Do you agree? Explain your answer.

Task 3 – Writing task

To create a non-chronological report/factfile about different jobs that you have found out about over the past 2 weeks! You can research careers and add them to your report!

  • Use the comprehension as an example for how to layout a non-chronological report.
  • Use the checklist below to include all the features into your text.

Looking forward to seeing your reports!

Maths task

Task 1

Find percentages of amounts with BBC Bitesize!

Task 2

Can you design a budget for your home?

Read through the powerpoint and complete the activity sheet below.

Task 3

Need a challenge? Click here!

Science task

This week’s activity is all about teeth!


Activity 1

Using a mirror, look in your mouth. Draw and label a picture of your teeth.

Know Your Teeth โ€“ The 4 Types of Human Teeth โ€“ North Central Dental
  • How many different types of teeth are there?
  • Can you name the different types?
  • Where are your grinding teeth (molars)?
  • Sheep eat lots of grass, which they grind with their molars.
  • These molars keep growing throughout a sheepโ€™s life. Why do you think that is?

Activity 2

Look at the mouth of a tiger. Draw and label the tiger’s teeth.

  • Look at the tigerโ€™s teeth. Give two ways that they are different from your teeth.
  • Why do you think a tiger has different teeth from those a human has?

Activity 3

Draw the teeth of 2 different animals. Label the types of teeth they have. Explain why their teeth are shaped based on their diet.

Spelling task

Common misconception words 

  1. Natural
  2. Naughty
  3. Notice
  4. Occasionally
  5. Often
  6. Opposite
  7. Ordinary
  8. Particular
  9. Peculiar
  10. Perhaps

P4C task – 6th July

Soon, you will be leaving Thomas Buxton to start a new journey at your secondary school. You will meet new people and teachers.

How important are first impressions?
Why would you want to make a good impression?

P4C Task w/b 29th June

This week, we are focusing on the World of Work. When discovering different roles and future careers that you may want to pursue, many factors come into play. One of those being morals.

5 steps to creating a portfolio career

Our question this week:

ย Should everyoneโ€™s job have a moral purpose?

Year 6 Homework w/c 29.06.20

This week, we are celebrating the World of Work!

On Wednesday 8th July, we will be hosting a webinar linked to this week’s activity below. Please take time this week to complete the activities and join us next week.

  • We are hosting Y6 leavers assembly on 16.07.20. Click for more details
  • Keep sending your work to year6@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk. We love seeing your work and posted weekly in Our Work.

World of work

Pre-assembly task

This is an activity that you can do with your parents as well! Read the instructions below and use the templates for support.

English task

Task 1 – Grammar

Complete the tasks on BBC Bitesize to practice using ellipsis and creating comics.

Task 2- Comprehension

This week’s comprehension is linked to the world of work! Answer the questions for the first 3 job roles.


  1. What does an architect do?
  2. Name 2 qualities that they need
  3. Name 3 qualifications that they need
  4. What is the MOST that an architect could earn?
  5. Who might they work for?
  6. Which school subjects are helpful for an architect?
  7. Do you think being an architect would be hard? Why? 
  8. Can you think of some examples around you where an architect would have needed to be involved in the project?

Environmental Scientist

  1. What does an environmental scientist do?
  2. Name 2 qualities that they need
  3. Name 3 qualifications that they need
  4. What is the pay range for an environmental scientist?
  5. What is the average salary?
  6. Give 2 examples of where they might work
  7. Which school subjects are helpful for an architect?
  8. Which parts of being an environmental scientist would you find interesting? Why? 
  9. If you were an environmental scientist, which organisms or environment would you want to study?

Fashion Designer

  1. What does a fashion designer do?
  2. Name 2 qualities that they need
  3. Name 2 qualifications that they need
  4. What is the pay range for a fashion designer?
  5. What is the average salary?
  6. Give 2 examples of where they might work
  7. Which school subjects are helpful for an architect?
  8. Do you think you would enjoy being a fashion designer?  Which parts of the job would be toughest? Why?

Challenge: Can you create your own set of questions for one of the other job roles?

Task 3 – Writing

Write an application letter to a company you want to work for, proving to them that you have the skills you need to do the job?

Use these questions to prompt your responses when writing your application

Maths task

Task 1 – How do I budget?

Click on the links below to complete this activity.

Task 2 – ยฃ5 Dinner Challenge

We can save money by spending less in our everyday lives. Food is one area of our lives where we can consider reducing our spending. Your task is to design a meal that costs just ยฃ5!

When designing their meal, consider:
a. What your family likes to eat?
b. What dietary requirements do your family members have?
c. What equipment will the family need for cooking?

Draw your plate and label the cost of each element onto your plate.

What do they need to think about when planning a meal? Feeling full, healthy eating? You could use the Healthy Eating Plate image as a tool. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/the-eatwell-guide/

Task 3- ยฃ20 Family time Challenge

This is a great challenge that you can complete as a family, designing a family-time activity that costs no more than ยฃ20.

You could share the examples below to inspire them:

  • A home cinema night; rent a film, and buy popcorn and treats, then put cushions on the floor and close the curtains to make your own cinema.
  • Pizza restaurant; make your own dough bases and take orders for toppings, then cook the pizzas and serve them like they would at a restaurant. You could even design your own menus!

We look forward to seeing your family time plans and photos of your family activity.

Science task

Aim: To make conclusions

  1. Watch the video and follow the instructions to complete the experiment.
  2. Why do you think the coin disappears? Use your scientific knowledge to answer. Hint: Think about what you need in order to see.
  3. Will the same thing happen if the coin is placed inside the cup? Or if more coins are added? Create and test your own predictions.

Don’t forget to send pictures of your work and explanations to the Year 6 email.

Click here for help with the scientific knowledge explanation.

Spelling task

Words with the /eI/ sound spelt ei, eigh, or ey

  1. Vein
  2. Weigh
  3. Eight
  4. Neighbour
  5. Neighbourhood
  6. neighbourly
  7. They
  8. Obey
  9. Reign
  10. Prey

Have a go at creating spelling pyramids for each word! Or try some other shapes and colours. (boat, star, smiley face etc). We look forward to seeing what you create! Still waiting to see some!