World of Work 7/7/20

Create your own Monopoly game

Have you ever played Monopoly? It’s a fantastic game that involves money and buying and selling property in London. Each played receives money at the start from the banker. This money can be spent on streets where you can buy houses. Careful where you go – if you land on another players property, you have to pay them money. Cards in the middle give you rewards such as Birthday money or you might lose money if you have to pay your taxes.

Task 1: Design Task

Design the Board

It could be set in Whitechapel. Which streets would you include? Which landmarks would you include e.g. Whitechapel Market, East London Mosque, Thomas Buxton? How will players make/ lose money

Or it could be a Mathopoly game – it could include Maths questions as the players go round. What will the rules of the game be?

Task 2: Writing task

Write the instructions of the game.

  • What do players need to start the game?
  • How much money does each player start with?
  • What is the aim of the game?
  • What are the rules
  • How do you win?

Sentence starters:

  • First, next, after that
  • If the player…… then they must….
  • If the next player…. then they will lose…
  • The aim of the game is to ….
  • When a card is taken….

Here are some ideas:

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