World of Work task – week of 30/06/20

For the next couple of weeks we will be thinking about the many different jobs and careers that people can have.

Task 1
On 8th July we will have a special assembly all about the World of Work. We will hear from people who do a range of different jobs – but we won’t find out what their jobs are straight away. We need YOU to come up with some questions to ask them to find out what their job is.

The answers to the questions can only be yes or no, so for example:
Do you work in an office? Do you work with nature?
Where do you work?

Write down your questions and keep them safe until Wednesday 8th. We will share information about how to join the assembly nearer the time.

Task 2
Draw a picture of what job you want to do when you are grown up. How did you hear about that job? What do you know about what this job involves? What subjects will you need to study? Send your sketches and ideas into us on the year 5 email address.

Here is a sketch of Miss Turnbull’s childhood ambitions. Can you guess what she wanted to be?

Here’s Miss Huddleston practising her dream job at home.

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