30/ 06/20

Money Matters:

The World of Work

As an adult, in order to find work and earn the money we need to look after ourselves, we need to acquire work skills. Have a think about the job that you would like to do and decide which skills you will need and why.

E.g I am a teacher.

I need communication skills so that I can help children learn and to plan and prepare lessons and make decsisions with my work colleagues.

I need computer skills to prepare lesson resources for children to look at and understand.

I need Mathematics skills in order to teach Maths.

I need to be able to problem solve quickly in order to keep children safe and happy.

What do we need money for?

For this activity, work with an adult. Choose a room in the house and list everything that money is needed for. Remember, gas and electricity cost money. Speak to an adult about how often this is paid for and how the amount is calculated. Which of these are essential and which are not?

What do I need? What do I want?

Look at the items below.

  1. List which ones are needed (this means they are essential) and which are wants (this means they are not essential).
  2. Which ones should you spend your money on first? Please remember that it takes a long time to earn money and money runs out! Order the items from most essential to least essential.

What’s your opinion?

Look at the jobs below: Game designers, nurse, professional footballer, firefighter and politician.

Different jobs pay different amounts of money, but it’s also important to choose a job that you will enjoy doing and makes you feel fulfilled. Being fulfilled might come from helping others, improving the World or from being creative and using your personal qualities.

Which of these job positions do you think earn the most money?

Give your opinion:

  • Which of these positions should earn the most money?
  • Should they all earn the same amount?
  • For what reason should one job pay more than another?
  • What’s more important when choosing a job: how much money the job pays, how fulfilled you are in the job or how much the job helps others?

12 thoughts on “30/ 06/20

  1. Umar

    In my opinion, I think the nurses should earn the most money because they are the ones helping and treating thousands of patients every day

    1. ahuddleston Post author

      Thank you for your opinion Umar. I agree nurses do a very important job helping people.

  2. Zayan

    Zayan’s World At Work
    Want: Mobile Phone, Car, Sweet, TV, Pet, Music Player, Cinema Ticket, Bicycle, Toys, Console, Shoes
    Need: Heat, Food, Home, Clean Water, School Shoes, Electricity, Winter Coat

  3. Amaar

    I think that docters, nurses and fire fighters should earn the most money out of all because docters and nurses are saving kids and adults lives such as fire fighters who were trained to save people from fires.

    1. ahuddleston Post author

      Thank you for sharing your opinion Amaar. Your opinion echoes Umar, who also thought nurses, who help people, should earn the most.

      1. Adiba

        oh then thats what i mean.. i think
        For the first task..
        I want to be a lawyer *not actually its just for the task*
        I need to be good at…
        People Skills. …Time Management Skills. …Research Skills. …Detail Replies To A Subject….Creativity. …Judgement. …Stress Management.

        1. ahuddleston Post author

          Good ideas. Al these skills would definitely be needed to do the job of a lawyer. Lawyers are paid well due to all the training they need to do to acquire these skills. Have you had any thoughts about what you would like to be?

  4. Tahmid k

    The needs are
    Food home
    school shoes
    Winter coat
    Gaming console
    Music player
    Expensive Trainers
    Cinema tickets
    Mobile phone


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