Writing task – week of 28th April

It’s really important that you are keeping your body active and looking after your mental well-being during lockdown. Ms Milne has included lots of ideas for this on the healthy lives blog https://www.thomasbuxton.towerhamlets.sch.uk/blogs/healthylives/.

For your writing task this week, do some physical activity and write a poem about how you feel afterwards. Joe Wicks set a similar task for the children doing his workouts every day, you can see some of the examples below if you want some inspiration. Your poems don’t have to be about Joe Wicks’ workouts, these are just examples!

Post your response in the comments or send us a photo of your work to year5@thomasbuctonps.co.uk and we’ll add it to the β€˜Our Work’ section.

4 thoughts on “Writing task – week of 28th April

  1. jiyaad

    Easy walks trudge.
    Xylotomous aches ail.
    Chronic aches ail.
    Excellent runners slant.
    Random weights extend.
    Conditioned runners rush.
    Intense aches ail.
    Small tummies incline.
    Educational tests check.

  2. Zayan πŸ±β€πŸ‘€

    Writing Task

    Exercising is fun,
    Especially when its done!
    Exercising is nice,
    I get hungry then eat rice!
    Exercising is healthy,
    I love having a selfie!
    Exercising keeps you to stay fit,!
    I love wearing my football kit!
    Exercising is relaxing,
    It is my kinda thing!

    1. aturnbull Post author

      I like the way you’ve used rhyming in your poem. We talked about ‘rhyme schemes’ in class, describing the rhyming pattern. Can you remember how we would describe this?

  3. Azrin

    Excersise is fun.
    Especially when your on a run.
    When your tired you can even eat a bun!
    Exercise is healthy and it makes you be fit.
    But in the end you are as hot a fire πŸ”₯ when it is lit!


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