Spelling task – week of 28/04/20

Use the LSCWC strategy (Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check) to help you learn these spellings.

Common misconception words

  1. existence
  2. explanation
  3. familiar
  4. foreign
  5. forty
  6. frequently
  7. government
  8. guarantee
  9. harass
  10. hindrance


Can you:
a) Use the word it in a sentence
b) Write a definition of the word
c) Find a synonym and antonym for the word
(Tip: If you do use a dictionary, try to put it into your own words)

5 thoughts on “Spelling task – week of 28/04/20

  1. Ahsan Wadud

    Word ~ Goverment
    Sentence ~ The goverment have been slow reacting to this pandemic
    Definition ~ the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office.
    Synonyms ~ administration ~ executive ~ regime ~ authority ~ powers that be ~ directorate ~ council ~ leader-
    ship ~ management ~ cabinet and ministry.
    Atonyms ~ inferiority ~ chaos ~ opposition ~ subservience ~ submission ~ powerlessness ~ weakness and an-

    Word ~ guarantee
    Sentence ~ It is guaranteed that this global and world wide pandemic will not come to rest any time soon.
    Definition ~ a formal assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality.
    Synonyms ~ warranty ~ warrant ~ contract ~ covenant ~ bond ~ assurance ~ promise ~ swear etc
    Atonyms ~ disagreement ~ breach ~ uncertainty ~ break.

    These are my 2 current chosen spelling words,
    ( To be continued . . . )

  2. Adiba

    I’m just gonna write my answer in the layout of Ashan’s answer.. hope you dont mind.

    Word- existence
    Sentence- The existence of dinosaurs ended millions of years ago.
    Definetion- Somthings existence is a thing’s life.
    Synonyms- life, species
    Antonym- exstinct

    1. amuhib Post author

      This is much preferable Adiba. As much as possible, should be in your own words. Well done.

  3. Zayan πŸ±β€πŸ‘€

    Zayan’s Spelling tasks

    Example of the word Harass – I harassed my mum just to go to the zoo.
    Definition of harass – Subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation.
    Synonym of harass – Pester, badger, hound
    Antonym of harass – Reassure, refresh, soothe


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