Science task – week of 28/04/20

Why does water evaporate?

Have you talked about your ideas?
Do you agree with one of the characters or do you think something different?

Here are some ways of finding out more:

1) Pour some water into a saucer. Observe what happens if you leave it for two or three days. Does the water level change? If so, why?

2) Compare what happens if you leave the saucer in a cool area and if you leave it in a warm area. Measure the rate of evaporation in both areas.

3) How do hand driers work if the temperature is less than 100°C?

8 thoughts on “Science task – week of 28/04/20

  1. Adiba

    I agree with the girl with the orange apron. When you put a water in a cold area, it takes longer to evaporate nad becomes still, or if to cold, it freeze. However if you put water in a hot area, it evaporates quicker , a steam rises from it and the water level changes.

  2. Halimah

    I disagree with the girl in the red jumper because of water is to evaparate- for example there was on the floor and th temperature was hot. The water would evaporate the water cycle says : the sun will turn the water into droplets or gas and will then form a cloud. I also agree with Adibah because it the temperature was a bit cold then it will take longer to evaparate.

  3. Zayan 🐱‍👤

    Zayan’s Science Work

    I disagree with the statement… (Water evaporates at exactly 100.C) because Water will evaporate at any temperature below 100 degrees Centigrade, and boil at 100 degrees at sea level. Evaporation occurs uniquely at the surface, and depends on the vapor pressure above it.

    I agree with the statement … (water evaporates faster at higher temperature) because hot water evaporates faster than cold water because the molecules of hot water have more energy to escape the surface and turn into a gas molecule. When a water molecule does this, the molecule becomes a molecule of water vapor (or steam). (I tried this experiment at home and it worked).

    I agree with the statement … (water can evaporate at any temperature) because Even at low temperatures, there are some water molecules which has enough energy to escape and that’s why evaporation in water can occur at any temperature (yes, even if the water is in ice). When the temperature increases, there are more molecules with higher kinetic energy and thus, more water can evaporate.

    I agree with the statement … (Set the tumble dryer on very hot because water doesn’t evaporate below 100.C) because normally water would evaporate at any temperature but because the clothing are in the washing machine it won’t evaporate. If it was the highest temperature it will still be wet because everything is wet so the clothing will wet anything it touches.

    1. amuhib Post author

      Great point Zayan about how the molecules of warmer have more energy (which then escape through the surface).

      Can anyone explain … How do hand driers work if the temperature is less than 100°C?

  4. adnan

    I the girl with the orange apron is right because the warmer it is the water will evaporate faster

  5. Yahya

    I believe, even at low temperatures some molecules have enough energy to turn into water vapor


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