Reading task – week of 28th April

This week we are practising the ‘Explain’ skill. Choose a book that you’ve read since school has been closed and use the sentence starters on the card to tell your classmates about it. You can also write about a book you read before the closure if you would prefer.

Being at home is a great opportunity to do lots of reading – what a treat!

Remember, you should be logging on to Bug Club every day. There are also lots of online storytelling sites and other reading websites, some suggestions are included here:

One thought on “Reading task – week of 28th April

  1. Zayan 🐱‍👤

    Zayan’s Reading Tasks

    Horrid Henry Rainy Day
    The part (Horrid Henry was bored, Horrid Henry was fed up) reminded me of when I was bored at home, couple of days ago as I had nothing to do.
    I think this is a funny genre because the story was mainly about his family who do silly things and Horrid Henry always plays pranks on everyone, especially his younger brother, Peter.
    The themes connect to Diary of A Wimpy Kid, I think this because Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is a hilarious/family genre.


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