P4C task – week of 28th April

Watch the short story below and consider this question:

If you are used to being together a lot with friends and family, are you less connected with friends and family when you are apart? Or is it possible that you might become MORE connected?

Remember to use our discussion language in your answers:

One thought on “P4C task – week of 28th April

  1. Zayan šŸ±ā€šŸ‘¤

    Zayan’s P4C Work

    It’s not always possible to be with friends, especially now as there is a pandemic and we must keep ourselves safe and healthy as much as possible. right now, Iā€™m spending more time at home with my family which is great, however, Iā€™m missing my friends, because I cannot socialise with them and people my own age which is very important to me. I wish I could go out and explore different places, which I cant right now as Iā€™m always indoors.


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