Science task – week of 21/04/20

How cold are things in fridges?

Have you talked about your ideas? Do you agree with one of the characters or do you think something different?

Here are some ways of finding out more.

1 – Put a temperature probe inside a container of water at room temperature and put this inside a fridge. Observe how the temperature inside the fridge changes.

2 – Try it with different containers, including plastic and metal.

3 – How many different ways can you think of to cool things and keep them cool without a fridge? What are the advantages and disadvantages for each method?

8 thoughts on “Science task – week of 21/04/20

  1. Zayan

    I disagree with the dark girl because what happens to the milk is that it will get much colder. I agree with the boy on the left top because when you put milk in the fridge it will get very cold because the fridge is 40 F. I disagree with the green shirt boy because you can put a milk in the fridge for days and it would be very cold but the metal container would make it more colder then before because metal items always feel cold. I disagree with the blue shirt girl because any size of milk in a fridge would still be the same temperature.

    1. amuhib Post author

      Is the fridge always at 40F?
      You said the metal container ‘would make it colder’ – can you support your statement with scientific knowledge?

  2. Enayah🦄🦋

    I disagree with the girl in the pink top because when you buy milk it will become warm but if you buy from the fridge in the shop it might still be a bit cold

      1. jiyaad

        i think the same about the girl in the superior law because if you put it in the REFREGERTOR,it just has a bit of coldness

  3. Adiba

    I disagree with the girl in the red top, because when the hot air in a fridge meets with the cooler air of your kitchen, the hot air becomes a liquid which the fridge absorbs to create colder liquid which then becomes a gas. The longer the milk is in the fridge, the colder it gets because it absorbs more of the freezing gas inside the fridge.

  4. ISA

    I agree with the guy with the green top since metal gets colder than other materials so the coldness will reflect off of the container on to the milk


    I agree with the girl in the pink dress because if the fridge is the same tempreture and the milk is already cold enough then it shouldnt be getting any colder beacause the tempreture is not changing.


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