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Maths task – week of 28/04/20

Here are your homework tasks for the week. Seven – one for each day!

Remember to check the main page of the school’s blog, including the new Art-e facts challenge (see Art Gallery section) and our very own YouTube Channel!

What do you need?

Can you sort out the four clues that help and the four clues that do not help in finding the number I am thinking of?

Four of the clues below are true but do nothing to help in finding the number.
Four of the clues are necessary for finding it.

Here are eight clues to use:

  1. The number is greater than 9.
  2. The number is not a multiple of 10.
  3. The number is a multiple of 7.
  4. The number is odd.
  5. The number is not a multiple of 11.
  6. The number is less than 200.
  7. Its ones digit is larger than its tens digit.
  8. Its tens digit is odd.

What is the number?

What clues are necessary to finding the answer and why?

Science task – week of 28/04/20

Why does water evaporate?

Have you talked about your ideas?
Do you agree with one of the characters or do you think something different?

Here are some ways of finding out more:

1) Pour some water into a saucer. Observe what happens if you leave it for two or three days. Does the water level change? If so, why?

2) Compare what happens if you leave the saucer in a cool area and if you leave it in a warm area. Measure the rate of evaporation in both areas.

3) How do hand driers work if the temperature is less than 100°C?

Rights Respecting School task – week of 28/04/20

Article 12- Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.

We would like you to think about how you views are respected and listened to.
This includes:

  • Being properly listened to
  • Help to communicate your ideas if you need it
  • An invitation or opportunity to give your views in a way that works for you
  • Feeling that your voice counts
  • Trusting that you can speak honestly even if your opinion is different from many others
  • Believing that your opinion is welcome and respected

Try these activities to help you to think about Article 12.

Spelling task – week of 28/04/20

Use the LSCWC strategy (Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check) to help you learn these spellings.

Common misconception words

  1. existence
  2. explanation
  3. familiar
  4. foreign
  5. forty
  6. frequently
  7. government
  8. guarantee
  9. harass
  10. hindrance


Can you:
a) Use the word it in a sentence
b) Write a definition of the word
c) Find a synonym and antonym for the word
(Tip: If you do use a dictionary, try to put it into your own words)

Writing task – week of 28th April

It’s really important that you are keeping your body active and looking after your mental well-being during lockdown. Ms Milne has included lots of ideas for this on the healthy lives blog

For your writing task this week, do some physical activity and write a poem about how you feel afterwards. Joe Wicks set a similar task for the children doing his workouts every day, you can see some of the examples below if you want some inspiration. Your poems don’t have to be about Joe Wicks’ workouts, these are just examples!

Post your response in the comments or send us a photo of your work to and we’ll add it to the ‘Our Work’ section.

Reading task – week of 28th April

This week we are practising the ‘Explain’ skill. Choose a book that you’ve read since school has been closed and use the sentence starters on the card to tell your classmates about it. You can also write about a book you read before the closure if you would prefer.

Being at home is a great opportunity to do lots of reading – what a treat!

Remember, you should be logging on to Bug Club every day. There are also lots of online storytelling sites and other reading websites, some suggestions are included here:

P4C task – week of 28th April

Watch the short story below and consider this question:

If you are used to being together a lot with friends and family, are you less connected with friends and family when you are apart? Or is it possible that you might become MORE connected?

Remember to use our discussion language in your answers:

Maths task – week of 21/04/20

There are 7 different homework tasks this week – remember to check them all below.
Have fun learning!

Finding Fifteen

Tim had nine cards, each with a different number from 1 to 9 on it.
He put the cards into three piles so that the total in each pile was 15.
How could he have done this?

Can you find all the different ways Tim could have done this?

You may like to print off and cut out digit cards to help you like the ones below.

Science task – week of 21/04/20

How cold are things in fridges?

Have you talked about your ideas? Do you agree with one of the characters or do you think something different?

Here are some ways of finding out more.

1 – Put a temperature probe inside a container of water at room temperature and put this inside a fridge. Observe how the temperature inside the fridge changes.

2 – Try it with different containers, including plastic and metal.

3 – How many different ways can you think of to cool things and keep them cool without a fridge? What are the advantages and disadvantages for each method?