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Online tasks for week 2 – 31.03.20

This week all of your tasks are in one blog post. Send us your replies and answers in the comments as usual. Make sure you also check out the Healthy Lives page where Ms Milne has put lots of fun ideas to keep your bodies and minds healthy while school is closed.

Remember you can send examples of work that you do at home to and we will add them to the blog. And keep doing Mathletics and Bugclub every day!

1. Maths task

Rishi and Jen were making necklaces to sell at the school fair.
They decided to make them very mathematical.
Each necklace was to have eight beads, four of one colour and four of another.
And each had to be symmetrical, like this.

How many different necklaces could they make?  Can you find them all?
How do you know there aren’t any others?

Record your solutions using R for Red and Y for Yellow.
Example: The image above would be R, Y, Y, R, R, Y, Y, R

Extension 1: What if they had 9 beads, five of one colour and four of another?
Extension 2: What if they had 10 beads, five of each?

2. Science Task

Should we use electric cars?
Do you agree with one of the characters or do you think something different? Here are some ways of finding out more.

1) Find some information about electric cars. Use more than one source to get a range of views.

2) Make a table to show the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars compared to other cars. Talk about your table.

3) What advice would you give to someone who wants to buy a car?

4) Are there any other types of cars that don’t have to be filled with fossil fuels to work?

3. Writing Task

Watch this short film – make sure you watch it all the way to the end!

Write a diary entry from the perspective EITHER of Reverso (the upside down man) OR his Dad. Remember to include thoughts and feelings alongside events that happened in the film.

4. Reading Task

Read the opening to this story and make predictions about what you think will happen next. Make sure you use clues from the text to explain why you think this; use the sentence starters from the Predict card to present your answers.

Santosh leaned back on the inflatable raft. It was too hot to paddle and he needed to conserve his energy. He had been lost at sea for the last three days. He was out of food and water, and he only had one emergency flare left. Suddenly, far away on the horizon he spotted a vague, indistinct shape. He could do nothing but wait…

5. P4C task

Was the invention of money a good or a bad thing?

You can watch this short video to get you started. Do you agree with Spot or Stripe? Why?

Maths task – Number differences (Solution)

Many of you found examples where the numbers were placed consecutively (in order).


Here are some possible solutions:

5    4    7

6    9    2

1    8    3


9    8    7

4    3    6

1    2    5


7    6    1

4    3    2

5    8    9

What general statements can you make about odd and even numbers and how they were placed?

Well done!

Great to see more of you commenting on the blog today! Keep checking in and adding your ideas.

Look out for tomorrow’s post celebrating 2 children from each class who have been putting in loads of effort with their home learning over the week. We will give out two virtual certificates each week while school is closed.

Keep it up!

Well done Year 5 for continuing to responding to the task set online. Keep on logging on to Mathletics and Bug Club every day.

Remember, you can share other creative work you might be doing at home. Here is an example of one done earlier today by Ahsan.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who have checked the tasks for this week and have been sharing your thoughts: Rahima, Ahsan, Jannatul, Adiba, Halimah, Jiyaad and Tahrima we have been so impressed with the ideas you’ve shared so far! You have provided some extremely thoughtful and imaginative responses and we can’t wait to hear from everyone else too.

We’d love to see pictures of the work you’re doing at home, as well as any creations you come up with. You can share them on the blog.

Remember to check Mathletics for your daily assigned tasks, and to go on to Bugclub each day too.

P4C – Freedom

Are wild animals more free than humans?

Share your ideas in the comments – remember to build on each other’s ideas and to use discussion language! E.g. It seems to me that… If you consider…. I would like to build on ______’s ideas…. On the other hand…

You can watch the beginning of a discussion on this question here: