Monthly Archives: May 2016

Minecraft Rainforests

As part of our rainforests topic, we have been using iPad app Minecraft to create our own tropical settings.

We were set the task of creating a unique forest floor and a vast canopy.

How do you think we have been successful? What could we improve?

You can see the progression of two particularly successful projects here, by Sayem and Yamin in Ants:

IMG_0409 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0404 IMG_0408IMG_0449 IMG_0448

Here are some of our other creations:


With added rain for realism!


Great detail on the tree trunks


Most of us managed to create a dense and vibrant environment

Some of our rainforests featured water, which really made them stand out.

IMG_0613 IMG_0615

We would like to hear from everyone but as part of our shared blogging project this term, we would especially like to hear Year 3’s feedback.

Let us know what we could do to make our rainforests even better and we will continue working on them soon.