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E-Safety Afternoon: Brainstorming with Popplet

Yesterday, Year 5 aimed to improve their knowledge and awareness of e-safety, the importance of being safe online and cyber-bullying. We focused on the ways we communicate online and spoke about what we can do to ensure we use the internet appropriately.

We used Popplet on the iPads to brainstorm how people communicate using technology and everyone had some excellent ideas. One piece of work which really stood out, however, was Mariya’s, which you can view below:


The internet can be very complicated and confusing but Mariya used a colour coded system to create a brainstorm which simplified technology brilliantly, making online communicated easy to understand.

Well done Mariya!

If you have any other questions or if you are confused or worried about anything online, please talk to an adult and share your thoughts. And encourage everyone to be safe online!

Mr Neville