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Save the rainforests!

In Y5 we have been learning all about the rainforests this half term. We have studied the Amazon rainforest in particular. In Science, we have found out about some different creatures that live there and plants which grow there.

In Literacy, our aim was to learn how to write persuasively. As part of our learning journey we wrote letters to Friends of the Earth to convince them to support our belief that the rainforests must be protected.

Yasin in Meerkats has made great progress in Writing this year. Here is his excellent letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing about why we should not hurt the rainforest. Because only a fool would think cutting down the trees in the rainforest is a good idea.

The habitats get chopped down and eventually animals become extinct. 50,000 orangutans have been killed for palm oil.

We will have less oxygen and without oxygen we will die because we will have to breathe CO2 (carbon dioxide).

In conclusion I think you should not support anyone who wants to hurt the rainforests.


We Are Web Developers: Year 5’s Web Pages

Some absolutely fantastic work by Year 5 today as they developed their own web pages exploring their Rainforest topic. By writing HTML code, you can see Year 5 made their original web content which can now be viewed by anyone in the world!

web page 1

This web page about Chameleons can be viewed on the hyperlink above!

Here are some more link to some more excellent web pages.

web page 2

web page 3

Here is the HTML code that was written by Areesha and Mahia to create their web page:

web page 4

And here is one about Gorillas…

Great work everyone. By creating original web content, you are now ALL official Web Developers. Congrats!

HTML Editing: We Are Web Developers

Hi Year 5,

We’re stepping things up a gear this week with our web developing. We’re going to continue with HTML coding to create web pages and, this week, we will be saving and publishing the pages… to the internet!

This means anyone in the world, as long as they have access to the internet and the link to your web page, will be able to view the web page you have created.

Last week, we used the TryIt editor. This week, we will use the slightly more advanced Mozilla Thimble. Here is the link for this week:


I’m excited to get started!!

Mr Neville

HTML editing: We Are Web Developers

HTML5_logo_and_wordmark.svgHi Year 5,

Today, we will be resuming our exciting Web Development by editing web pages and then writing original HTML ourselves! Here are some of the websites we will using during our Computing Lesson:

CLICK HERE TO TRY HTML CODING: This is the editing tool we used today:

AND, here is the page to download X-Ray Goggles so you can try it out at home:


Mr Neville


P.S. Here are some of the most commonly used tags, most of which we used during today’s lesson. Have a go at creating some more web pages. Make sure you type them accurately! Don’t give up on the image tag!!

Common HTML tags

<h1>Largest heading</h1>
<h2>. . .</h2>
<h3>. . .</h3>
<h4>. . .</h4>
<h5>. . .</h5>
<h6>Smallest heading</h6>

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

<br/>Starts a new line

<hr/>Inserts a horizontal rule

<em>Italic text</em>

<strong>Bold text</strong>


<img src=”URL” alt=”Alternate Text” height=”42″ width=”42″/>

An extract from Hamlet’s diary

In Year 5 we loved Shakespeare Week so much that we thought we would study another of his works! We have been learning about a play called Hamlet and we wrote diary entries as if we were Hamlet himself.

Mahid from Turtles class worked totally independently to write this fantastic piece:

Dear Diary,

I was devastated when I killed Ophelia’s beloved father. I was so focused on getting my revenge on my cruel-hearted uncle. When I came back to Denmark I realised my childhood sweetheart Ophelia was dead.

I was worried about a deadly duel which might end my life. If I die I want everyone to know the whole truth, even what happened now.

I was so eager to tell everyone that my uncle killed my father. I was planning on getting revenge. And, he married my mum after 1 month. When my dad died I had so much rage to be unleashed.

Yours truly,