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Macbeth Discussion Text

In literacy we wrote a discussion text about Macbeth and who was truly responsible for King Duncan’s death.

Sahara wrote a lovely discussion text she is Meerkats Super Star Writer of the week.

Well done Sahara keep it up!

Who is truly responsible for King Duncan’s death?

There has been a lot of discussion from the tragic play called Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare about who is responsible for King Duncan’s death. He was a kind king who everyone enjoyed having as a monarch in Scotland and even though people say Macbeth was at fault for the tragic murder there were others involved. Read on and find out more.

Some may argue that the witches were to be blamed for telling Macbeth their predictions and putting the idea into his head. Evidence from the play shows that the witches were definitely able to foretell the future therefore should have known that by telling him what they saw, it would cause the murder of the king who was also his friend.

There are also strong arguments against Lady Macbeth, for manipulating her own husband when he refused to go through with the horrid deed in order to fulfil her ambitions of being queen she also caused the death of the king. Although the incident was not all Macbeths fault it is possible to conclude that he was involved.

As we can see from the play Macbeth was called a coward by his wife and he hates this name. As he was called a horrible name he followed though with the horrid plan to kill the king. Due to Macbeth’s inability to put his feelings aside he also caused the murder of the king. Furthermore he was leader of the Scottish Army, he was meant to be trustworthy, honest and brave. In this case he failed to do any of those heroic things.

In summary Macbeth should have put his own feelings aside to protect Scotland, Lady Macbeth should not have manipulated her husband and the witches should have kept their predictions to themselves.

So, in my opinion I believe everyone is to be blamed because they all played a part and as a result it caused the death to a great king who everyone loved.


Book Review

Year 5 have been busy during the holidays with their homework. This is a book review Forida in Meerkats has written. It sounds like a good book and makes me want to read it! Well done Forida!

Book: The Return of the Killer Cat

Author: Anne Fine

This book is about a feline called Tuffy, Tuffy is the main character in this book. He is a mischievous cat who gets up to a lot of things in Ellie’s home, like not eating his food, scratching and making marks on the furniture. At night time, Tuffy meets his friends Tiger, Bella and Pusskins and they all go through leftovers in the neighbourhood bins. Ellie’s family were going on holiday so they called a cat-sitter to look after Tuffy. When the family were back from their holiday the first thing they saw was Tuffy lurking up a tree because he did not want to be seen by the family. Ellie’s father spots him up a pear tree. Melanie was praying to have a cat just like Tuffy, all cuddly and soft. All of a sudden Tuffy flew out of the pear tree and landed in the basket that Melanie had put on the ground. Melanie was really happy she thought that God had blessed her and sent her a cat like Tuffy from heaven. She called Tuffy (Janet). Melanie cares and looks after him. Eventually Tuffy gets really fat because Melanie feeds him a lot of food. Tiger Bella and Pusskins go to Tuffy’s (Janet’s) and say mean things to him because he is fat. They all get into a fight and Tuffy’s cute little outfit gets ripped to shreds. When Melanie went out of the house to feed Janet (Tuffy) she was nowhere to be seen, instead there was a fat cat in her place. Melanie thought that Tuffy had eaten Janet and started to cry. Ellie’s father heard the noise and came out and grabbed Tuffy by the scruff if his neck and told him off.

My favourite part is when Tuffy jumped out of the pear tree and landed into the basket and Melanie thought it was a miracle from god. I thought it was hilarious.

I would rate this book 4/5.

How many stars would you rate it?