Year 5 Greenwich Observatory Trip


Year 5 had a wonderful time on our trip to The Royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich. Children wrote about the trip as a recount as part of our English lesson for ‘Big Writing’. I have included a recount written by Ibrahiim. He worked with real focus using the 5Ws to write a good recount. Well done Ibrahiim Keep it up!

Was there anything you would like to share about our trip Year 5?

Greenwich Observatory 

On Monday 23rd February year 5 went on a trip to the Royal Greenwich Observatory so we could learn more about Earth and Space.

To begin with, (after an incredibly steep hill) we were greeted by a spectacular view. After several minutes of panting, we were introduced to the Education Officer who would escort us to one of the many exhibitions.

In there we saw many things, such as a timeline marking of many Astronomer’s milestones, a magnifying glass which we used to see many miniature planets and of course artefacts dating back to some of the very first Astronomers.

After a long time of taking notes we went down to observe the Time Ball. We were taught that it was used to keep track of time.

After that we went into a dark room with an object called the Camera Obscura which uses a huge mirror through a pin hole to show the road below, giving a birds eye view of Greenwich.

When we had finished we went down a set of spiral stairs to another exhibition with many things, but this one had a rather large computer. Four in fact and the team of four would have to work as a team to create a perfect functioning rocket.

Following that, we took a quick visit to Sir John Flamsteed’s house and we entered an oddly shaped room called the Octagon Room.

Finally we were lucky enough to be taken to a special workshop in the Great Equatorial Gallery with an actual Astronomer. We were taught that the world often spins on it’s axis, also how the Great Telescope was made and why it was made.

By Ibrahiim

44 thoughts on “Year 5 Greenwich Observatory Trip

  1. sahara

    Well done Ibrahiim.
    You made a great recount.
    You must have enjoyed our trip last week.
    I know I did.
    Well done once again.

  2. Samran

    Well done Ibrahiim
    You worked hard on your recount to our trip to the royal observatory and you managed to get a place in Super Star Writer

  3. Shakir

    Well done ibrahim I can see that you liked that trip really much I enjoyed it to .well done you put a lot of effort to your writing is

    Hope you reply. From Shakir

  4. Nadiya

    I agree with Sahara. I really enjoyed the trip as well. I learnt a lot about our new topic, Earth and Space.

  5. Taposhi

    Well done Ibrahiim,I really enjoyed reading it!
    You must have enjoyed our trip!
    Keep up the good work!
    What was your favourite part of the trip? My favourite part was when we watched the video!

  6. Noshin

    Well done great effort I enjoyed the trip it was very exciting and interesting. I would recommend it to everyone.

  7. Younues kechekoul

    I really enjoyed your recount! By the way well done for trying your best in your recount.

  8. Fahmida

    We had a great trip at last week and we learnt a lot of facts about Earth and space!

  9. Nusrat

    The trip was really nice and I think all of year five enjoyed it , even the teachers.

  10. humaya

    Red nose day is coming up and I am so exited! My mum bought me a red nose, its the swimmer one. Which one did you get?

    1. sneville14.211

      That’s a great choice considering you’ve become such swimming star this year! I’m going to get the red nose with one eye. He looks like a Cyclops!

  11. Saaib

    this is my first comment ever, and i cant believe that I am starting to go on the blog!!!!

  12. Saaib

    At school I have been learning about Moon,Stars and the Sun and I have been writing a story plan(I reaaly like writing storys because it’s my favorite thing.

  13. Khadijah

    Did everyone enjoy the trip? I wish I went to the trip but I
    went on a holiday to Saudi Arabia. It was so busy.
    There you had to wake up so early and go around something.
    I can not explain properly. But anyway we always did SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. raisa

    Well done Ibrahim I think you did really well and I think your work needs to be appreciated and your fantastic writing skills need to be shown on the blog

  15. Faizah

    Well done Ibrahiim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your recount deserves to be famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To write a recount like that you must have enjoyed every millisecond of a millisecond of a…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Faizah

    Well done Ibrahiim!

    Your recount deserves to be famous!

    To write a recount like that you must have enjoyed every millisecond of a millisecond of a…!

    If it was read out in assembly we would be doing the Mexican wave, round of applause, royal wave and all other celebrations!

  17. Faizah

    Wow. Your recount was so detailed. You must have enjoyed every millisecond.

    Raisa and I had so much fun on the trip together as well!

  18. Nazibah

    Nauri it seems like you had a fun time and today was your last day! i really am going to miss you,your new school are SO LUCKY to have you. I’m not sure how i’m going to live without you and i cant ever have fun without you. Nauri never forget to come to our class and visit. I know that everyone in the class are so going to miss you, Even if you leave you still will be my best friend everywhere and anywhere. I’M GOING TO SOOO MISS YOU!! I think today (your last day) was one of the saddest day for me. ): I really didn’t what you to leave!!!!!!

    Nazibah ( and the whole class)


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