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What do you know about fingerprints?





On Monday 16th March Year 5 Science Ambassadors participated in a special science workshop at Swansea Secondary School. We took part in exciting experiments one of which was called ‘Fantastic Fingerprints.’

We then took all of our knowledge back to the rest of our class and taught them more about fingerprints.


Surprisingly we even taught our own teacher Mrs Shrubsall!



This Is Not A Fairy Tale


We looked at This Is Not a Fairy Tale by Jeremy Strong and adapted the story using his style to write our own versions of the story. Noshin wrote a fantastic story and her writing has really improved. Well done keep it up!

This Is Not A Fairytale

This Is Not A Fairytale

This story begins far away in the countryside. So fasten your seatbelts for a jetpack adventure. You will laugh socks off, as you work your way through this outstanding story.

Many years back there lived a boy called Tom. Tom is a brave and courageous boy. Surprisingly he lived in a zoo (that was very common for people who owned shops). Tom’s dad owned the zoo. One day Tom’s dad had to go to the crowded city for some important work. Therefore Tom was in charge. What could go wrong?

Moments later Tom came to check on the animals. But the animals disappeared right before his eyes. This was a dreadful situation, Tom had to find the Monkeys and roaring Tiger. Will Tom find them in time?

Rapidly he packed some food, magic beans a torch and a flute (in case he was bored). Afterwards Tom heard the Tiger in the desolate woods. Tom leaped over the bushes and saw the tiger with a scary hideous monster. Will Tom defeat the monster?

Tom thought cleverly maybe he could blind the monster with his torch. Then Tom stood forward, moving towards the brown monster, he put on his torch and then the monster was on the floor. Quickly Tom took the tiger and dashed away.

However Tom saw the two monkeys, in a blink of an eye Tom spotted one of his monkeys with some trolls. He bravely stepped forward.

“Hello I see you have my monkey” said Tom

“HA HA HA you boy you can’t defeat me” said the goblin.

However Tom needed his monkeys he had butterflies in his stomach wondering what he’d do if he didn’t find them. In time he would be in deep trouble. Did Tom give up? No he didn’t.

After a long hours search Tom finally spotted a glimpse of one of his monkeys. Tom leapt into the bushes to get a good view. He saw his monkey holding something as yellow as a ripe banana. The monkey was sitting down with crazy trolls. Then Tom bravely stepped forward, then the crazy trolls started to attack Tom. So Tom joined them

“HA HA we will defeat you you’re only 10 HA HA” yelled the trolls.

Tom’s flute broke “good thing I keep two more!” Tom said. Tom played a lullaby and then trolls fell asleep. So Tom took his monkey. Will Tom find his other monkey?

Not long after Tom heard big foot-steps, his heart was beating rapidly. Then Tom saw a Giant with his monkey although the Giant looked very nice. So Tom thought he could have a trade.

“Hello Giant I’m Tom I see you have my monkey could we trade?” Tom insisted.

“No I need this monkey!” exclaimed the giant.

“I will give you magic beans so you can harvest them so you will make money” promised Tom. The Giant thought carefully. Will the giant agree with Tom?

Time was passing by, yet the Giant was still deciding. Soon the giant blurted out his answers

“Give me the beans, I desperately need money look my clothes are all tattered please I’ll give you your monkey back, anything please!” cried the Giant “give me the beans!”

“ ok Mr Giant, can I have my monkey?”

“Sure.” said the Giant

After a few hours Tom was almost home but then the monkeys escaped. Did Tom go back to fetch the monkeys? No way his dad was right there parking his car. Tom just had to bear the truth that he’d lost the monkeys but he still had the tiger. Tom was downhearted and his head hung low. Tom walked away with his shoulders down. You see in life things are not that easy. Tom never got his animals back but he never gave up.


Year 5 Greenwich Observatory Trip


Year 5 had a wonderful time on our trip to The Royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich. Children wrote about the trip as a recount as part of our English lesson for ‘Big Writing’. I have included a recount written by Ibrahiim. He worked with real focus using the 5Ws to write a good recount. Well done Ibrahiim Keep it up!

Was there anything you would like to share about our trip Year 5?

Greenwich Observatory 

On Monday 23rd February year 5 went on a trip to the Royal Greenwich Observatory so we could learn more about Earth and Space.

To begin with, (after an incredibly steep hill) we were greeted by a spectacular view. After several minutes of panting, we were introduced to the Education Officer who would escort us to one of the many exhibitions.

In there we saw many things, such as a timeline marking of many Astronomer’s milestones, a magnifying glass which we used to see many miniature planets and of course artefacts dating back to some of the very first Astronomers.

After a long time of taking notes we went down to observe the Time Ball. We were taught that it was used to keep track of time.

After that we went into a dark room with an object called the Camera Obscura which uses a huge mirror through a pin hole to show the road below, giving a birds eye view of Greenwich.

When we had finished we went down a set of spiral stairs to another exhibition with many things, but this one had a rather large computer. Four in fact and the team of four would have to work as a team to create a perfect functioning rocket.

Following that, we took a quick visit to Sir John Flamsteed’s house and we entered an oddly shaped room called the Octagon Room.

Finally we were lucky enough to be taken to a special workshop in the Great Equatorial Gallery with an actual Astronomer. We were taught that the world often spins on it’s axis, also how the Great Telescope was made and why it was made.

By Ibrahiim