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We Are Bloggers – Brainstorms with Popplet

Year 5 kicked off their new Computing unit, We Are Bloggers, by using mind-mapping app Popplet to brainstorm their ideas for this term. In the next few weeks, the Turtles and the Meerkats will be writing blog entries for the school website on subjects of their choice.

The process will require careful planning and selection of different media to create an interesting blog entry which will aim to encourage discussion and constructive criticism. Hopefully by the end of the term, we will be able to appreciate blogging as a useful medium of communication and a great platform for us to write expressively.

Today we identified these skills as essential to a successful unit. We also highlighted the importance of e-safety. The pupils blog entries will be visible to all internet users so we must be careful not to share personal information or inappropriate content.

Here are some of the brainstorms we produced today. Look out for our blog entries soon and make sure you get involved by replying!

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Persuasive Writing!

Samran is our Superstar Writer of the week. His handwriting was so neat  and he really thought about his ideas before he put his pencil to paper to write his independent piece. Well done Samran for writing such a clear persuasive text keep it up!!

Mrs Shrubsall

Should developers build on Allen Gardens?

Is your local park being destroyed to build houses? Are you worried about your children not getting fresh air when they play outside? If so, read my arguments and hopefully you will understand the consequences of building on parks.

Surely an intelligent person like yourself knows that if you build on Allen Gardens people have less opportunities to exercise outdoors.

In fact it actually takes children’s right to play away. Article 31 children have the right to leisure and play.

Another reason not to build on Allen Gardens is because it kills animals habitats, so animals and plants wouldn’t be able to survive.

It goes without saying that the prices of apartments are unaffordable, it costs over £400,000 for one-bedroom apartments and only a few people can afford it.

In conclusion I believe that Peter Barber Architects is doing the wrong thing to build on Allen Gardens and there will be less green spaces for local people.