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We Are Artists: Inkscape

Hi Year 5,

If any of you would like to continue with your fantastic efforts during Thursday’s Computing lesson, you can download Inkscape for free at home and start working on some logos, creating patterns and becoming vector designers.

Here is the link to download Inkscape for Windows:



Mr Neville

The Classroom At Night

Sarah worked really hard in English to write a poem about our classroom at night. She wrote

with such enthusiasm  she didn’t want to stop writing the poem. Great work Sarah, you are our  Superstar Writer of the week, keep it up!

The Classroom At Night

Swaying blinds dancing

to the rhythm of the flaps

displays running across walls

unstacked chairs expecting

heavy students

to squash them

the light blue door

waiting to be opened

unmarked books waiting

impatiently to be marked

dark blue trays

waiting to be stuffed with paper

security alarms blinking

like the broken headlight of a car



Going the extra mile with extra homework

Psst! Have you heard? There are some amazing things going on in Y5 at the moment!

Some children are really aspiring to be successful, and in order to do so, they have been doing lots of extra pieces of homework. Prithi and Younes have been working on their Poetry at home. Their work reflects what we have done in class, and really shows that they are trying to understand all the skills and techniques we are studying.

What could YOU do to push yourself?


Identifying poetic techniques

Identifying poetic techniques


We Are Artists: Year 5’s Creative Coding

Year 5 have been using Hopscotch to create some wonderful artwork this week, proving that computer programming is a brilliant way to be creative and imaginative – as well as being enormously fun!

Our artistic programmers used their logical skills and their perseverance to give commands so the sprite would draw what they instructed. They programmed the sprite to draw a background…

IMG_0040  IMG_0037

…and to then repeatedly draw shapes to create some mesmerising patterns.

IMG_0008  IMG_0007

IMG_0039  IMG_0025  IMG_0082

This shows that while the iPads are fun to play with, it’s much more fun if you use them to be creative! Year 5 have seen for themselves that making their own games and art is the best way to use Hopscotch.

Great work everyone!