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Writing Superstar

Writing Superstar

Inayah has worked hard to achieve her target of using capital letters for nouns and at the beginning of sentences. She wrote a very good diary entry extending a story.

Keep up the good work Inayah!

Dear Diary

Today after school I bolted up the stairs, normally my amiable cat would give me a warm welcome. Sadly Goji didn’t. But it came to my attention that the door was open a few centimetres. I gazed through the gap and opened the door. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I could see the gleaming body of a cat on my gold-maker.

I gingerly picked up Goji and pressed my hand on her back, in a matter of seconds I was in the garden. I cried “Chimichanga!” but there was no reply. I cried out again, in no time Chimichanga appeared.

I pleaded with him he said “under one condition, you will have to let me reverse the gold-maker forever and everything will return to its former state.”

I replied, “as long as she’s back to normal, don’t tell anyone anything,”

My choice was giving up the gold, after all my cat was my best and only friend. I needed Goji so I let the Chimichanga reverse the gold power and saw my stunning cat purring in my hands.

But all I knew was that I was never getting my friends back. They would not be my friends after their jewellery lost its gold, as a result they would think I was using powder or paint because the gold seemed to wear off.

Written by Inayah Year 5