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We Are Game Developers

I had a great time looking at the Light-bot app with both the Meerkats and the Turtles this week. I was so impressed at how quickly you all picked it up and started writing code effectively.


You used the necessary language very well – words like debug and algorithm – and showed great perseverance to guide your sprite to its destination. It was also great to hear some of you were enjoying the game at home as well!

I’m definitely going to be asking some of you to help me through the next few levels!

But Light-bot is just one of the many games you can enjoy on the iPads. You can find lots of games in the Hopscotch app which people have created using Hopscotch itself!

By writing code, just like we have all now done, people have made characters move, grow, act like a baloon, appear and sometimes disappear when touched! All this is achieved by the instructions we give as programmers when writing code. Those sprites wouldn’t know what they were doing if it wasn’t for our clear instructions!

One of my favourite games on Hopscotch, which you can enjoy on the iPads, is called Whack-a-Monkey and it is great. Tough on the fingers though.



There are also lots of Scratch games that you can enjoy. Here is a link to just one of the many choices:

Enjoy! And start thinking about what you want your game to be like…..

Mr Neville