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Marvellous Mission to Mars


Hi Year 5,

This week, we have begun learning about Mars. Here is a link to the N.A.S.A Mars Website for children.  Feel free to explore and post your thoughts on the games, information and activities you find on the site.

Here is a short recount that Shucab wrote about a ‘Virtual Mission’ he took to Mars. Can you find the extra detail (Drama/Comedy) he included to interest the reader? Feel free to leave a comment or your thoughts below.

Mission to Mars

On Earth, I climbed up to the rocket to see where I was going to live for seven months. I sat down waiting for my companion, Lahcene. After a while, Mamanur arrived with Lahcene. Mamanur said he wanted to join the expedition. So we all sat on seats and waited for the countdown. After the countdown, I could feel the bottom of the rocket burst up in flames.

The rocket blasted up into space. When we were in space, the scenery was beautiful! I saw millions of stars shining as bright as the moon. After watching the beautiful scenery, we played ‘Space Tag’ as well as a having a race! Lahcene won the race, I came second and Mamanur came last.

Seven months past, I went to the control panel and shouted “I can see Mars!” The rocket was going to be set on fire so I took a parachute and jumped off the rocket. Lahcene got a parachute and jumped off too. Mamanur got a parachute however, Mamanur’s parachute was jammed and he began to fall. When I arrived on the ground, I stretched my parachute so he could have a safe landing. We ran to safety in case rocket began to explode.

Looking back on my time on Mars, I was pleased that I chose to journey there.