This week’s P4C 30/06/20

Thinking Game – Would You Rather?

Would you rather have one day that was the happiest day of your life but have no other happy days or have little buts of happiness each day?

Big Question

Can you think yourself happy?

Does focusing on happiness make you happy?

Is it possible to “think” yourself into being happy all the time by positive thinking?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

  • In my In my opinion…
  • I agree with… because…
  • I would like to add…
  • I would like to challenge… because……

Follow-up task:

Try keeping a happiness diary and record one thing every day you thought was beautiful, one thing that made you happy, and one thing you are thankful for. Notice how it makes you feel and behave.

5 thoughts on “This week’s P4C 30/06/20

  1. Alfie

    Yes you can think yourself happy because if you think of happy memories it might make you happy.

  2. Mahir/ O'keeffe

    I would rather have little bits of happiness everyday,because only one day of happiness?

  3. Imani

    I would rather have little bits of happiness each day because its like my life each day i have bits of happiness.
    I wouldn’t want one day of happiness because the rest of my days would be sad.

  4. Nour/Okeeffe

    In my opinion,I think that having the happiest day only one time is the wrong thing because whenever you would want to bring happiness to yourself there would be nothing other than staying sad. I strongly believe that having a little of happiness everyday can bring you a lot of joy.


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