This week’s P4C 19.05.20

Thinking game: But what if?
In pairs, facing each other. Label yourself PERSON A and PERSON B.

PERSON A asks a question that starts with “What if you wanted…?” Here are some examples you can use:

What if you wanted to know the time?
What if you wanted to make some toast?
What if you wanted to meet the Queen?
What if you wanted to go to sleep?

PERSON B responds with what they would do. Then PERSON A responds with a “what if”. Your conversation might go something like this…

A: What if you wanted to know the time?
B: I’d look at my phone.
A: But what if your phone was out of battery?
B: I’d charge it up.
A: But what if you’d lost your charger?
B: I’d use someone else’s.
A: But what if there was a power cut?
B: I’d use the clock in the school hall?
A: But what if the power cut lasted so long, all the batteries had run out?
B: I’d see when the sun came up…

Stimulus: Look at the two photos below.

Big question: Do some people deserve more help than others? Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

• In my opinion…
• I agree with… because…
• I would like to add…
• I would like to challenge… because…

Extra thought: What could you do to help those less fortunate than you?

10 thoughts on “This week’s P4C 19.05.20

  1. Hasan in Warhol

    I think all people should be equal because if some one had no home and some one was a billionaire it is not fair if they don’t give charity Or help them get a home.

    1. Janan

      In my opinion,if you have some thing u dpnt meed any mpre and its in good care,you could give it to some ome else who could use it,or dante money

    2. Nour/okeeffe

      I think some people deserve more care Than others because it all matters about How much wealth they have and how the situation they are living example if someone is poor and lives on his own is different to others who lives with a big family.

  2. Janan

    In my opinion,if you had some thing u dont use and its still in good care give it to some one who would enjoy and use it

    1. rjohal

      I agree Janan, lots of charities help with this by taking items that are still in good condition and give them to other people who can use it.

      Miss Johal

  3. Adam :) :D :P

    I agree with AHSANUL because everybody should have the right to have a safe home but they do not even have a home .

  4. Mahlia O’Keeffe

    I think that we should care for the homeless because it’s unfair that they don’t have a home or food

  5. Tayba

    Everyone should get to live in a safe and kind Enviroment ! because if you are really rich you can just donate and you might get something in return

  6. lehan

    I think some people do deserve more help then others, because some people don’t even have a home, so we need to help them find a home!!!!!!!!!!


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