This week’s P4C 12.05.20

Thinking Game

In or Out

What are the ingredients for a good argument? Choose from below what would be in or out. You can add some of your own too.

Loud voice, lots of reasons, evidence for your reasons, angry tone, pointing finger, calm tone, relaxed approach, 1 reason with lots of evidence?

Big Question

  • Ah.
  • Ahhh!
  • Aaah!
  • Aha!
  • Ha!
  • Ah hah!
  • Ha ha!
  • Ahaha.
  • Ha, ha, ha.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Hahahahahahahaha.
  • Ho ho ho!

Which statement from the above list matches the one below?

  • You’re funny.
  • I think I’m funny.
  • I am mad and evil.
  • You think you’ve got me, but you’ll never take me alive.
  • You think you’re funny but I don’t.
  • This is awkward. I thought you already knew.
  • It hurts.
  • I am mad but not evil.
  • I am Father Christmas.
  • Isn’t that sweet?
  • Now I get it.
  • Now I’ve got you.

Here is the real poem…

  • How much of what you mean is in what you say?
  • How much is in how you say it?
  • How much is in things you don’t say at all?
  • What does “meaning” mean?
  • Are there different kinds of meaning?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

• In my opinion…
• I agree with… because…
• I would like to add…
• I would like to challenge… because…

5 thoughts on “This week’s P4C 12.05.20

  1. Imani

    Good argument
    Loud voice
    Clear point
    Lots of reasons
    Evidence for your reasons
    Calm tone
    Persuasive language
    Confident tone
    Lots of hand movement

  2. Imani

    You’re funny – Ha ha!
    I think I’m funny – Aha
    I am mad and evil – Hahahahahahahaha
    You think you’ve got me, but you’ll never take me alive – Ahaha
    You think you’re funny but I don’t – Ha!
    This is awkward. I thought you already knew – Ha, ha,ha.
    It hurts – Aaah!
    I am mad but not evil – Ha ha ha ha ha!
    I am Father Christmas – Ho ho ho!
    Isn’t that sweet – Ahhh!
    Now I get it – Ah hah
    Now I’ve got you – Ah

  3. Nour/Okeeffe

    Carrying on to the point that my friend has said a good argument should have :
    believe in your point
    personal space
    eye contact

  4. Adam

    I think a good argument is to have:
    Calm tone , good reasons , good evidence and proof , actions , clear points , persuasive language , tolerance , eye contact . Those are all the ones you should do when you a argument
    Q.1 I think when you have a reason behind what you are saying it will have a meaning to it. It has to 100 per cent make sense or you came there for no reason
    Q.2 In my opinion if you have something in mind you will aim for it . Imagine if you wanted to become an athlete you will aim for it .
    Q.3 There are so many things in the things you do not say for an example thoughts in your mind creativity and many many more .
    Q.4 Sometimes you can explain what you mean or or show what you mean . For an example you try to explain what example means you can show or explain what example means .
    Q.5 There are seven types of meanings . Referential meaning , connotative meaning , social meaning affective meaning reflective meaning colocative meaning and thematic meaning .

  5. Lehan


    angry face,
    eye contact,
    small voice,
    waving arms,
    walking round,


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