12.05.2020 Year 4 Learning Tasks

Good morning Year 4 – here are your tasks for the week. If you are stuck or want to share your learning, parents can email us on the Year 4 email address. Remember if commenting on posts the teachers need to approve them so they might not show up straight away.

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Maths – Four-digit targets

Click here for the online, interactive version where you can try out your ideas.


This week’s reading and writing task is about ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura

Click below to listen to the story.

Answer the questions in full sentences.
1. Why was the boy relieved when he met someone?
2. How are the girl and boy feeling here? Look at the picture carefully and use emotive words!

3. Why couldn’t the boy understand anything they were saying?
4. Om and the boy yelled when everyone threw their spears. Why do you think they yelled?
5. Would Om’s people think it strange that the boy was playing air guitar? Explain why.


Can you continue this narrative? What happened next?

Through the old, gloomy woods was a figure of a boy. Suddenly, he found himself falling down, down, down. When he woke up, he was in a dark place. In the distance he saw a light, so the figure followed it. There were tall mountains and animals roaming through the forest.
“H”, the boy whispered. He saw the figure of a girl, she had bright ginger hair, a red coat, brown trousers, shoes and a bag.

Can you include:
– ly openers (Suddenly, Cautiously, Carefully, Wildly)
– Fronted adverbials (When he woke up, Almost unbelievably, Just then,)
– Emotive language (harsh, dreadful, bitter cold, incredibly tired, screamed frantically)
– Inverted commas for dialogue between the boy and Om


This week’s spelling rule is -s is the verb and -c is the noun. Use the Collins online dictionary to check the meaning of each word. Copy out the definition of each word and then write a sentence using one.

Use the Look, Cover, Write, Check strategy to help you learn each spelling. Ask an adult to test you once you’re super confident!

  1. practise
  2. practice
  3. devise
  4. device
  5. advise
  6. advice
  7. license
  8. licence


This week’s Science is an investigation called ‘Fireworks in a glass’. It is a simple and fun experiment, and also completely safe. Please make sure you are working with an adult and do not drink the water.

Science explanation
Oil and water do not mix. Oil is less dense than water (there is less of it in the same volume) and therefore floats on top of water. If the food colouring is water based, it will not mix with the oil, instead it sinks through the oil and into the water below. The food colouring is heavier than the water, so it sinks to the bottom leaving trails (resembling fireworks) as some of the colour diffuses into the water.

RRS – Article 14
‘Freedom of thought and religion’

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