This Week’s P4C 5.5.20

Thinking Game

What ingredients are needed to enable you to have privacy?

Big Question

The school has been asked to take part in the Panopticon Project. There will be cameras with sound recording in all classrooms and other areas of the school, inside and out (excluding toilets).

All film will be stored for three months. Film of pupils or staff who are a cause for concern can be kept for a longer period.

Recording everything will help teachers to deal with poor behaviour. It will provide proof of bad choices. The film can also be shared with parents via email, so that they can see their children’s misbehaving. It should eliminate bullying and ensure that children are kind and helpful to one another.

It will also help senior managers to improve teaching, as they can watch any lesson and tell teachers where they are going wrong.

We expect the best thing about the Panopticon will stopping problems before they start. Both pupils and teachers will know that someone could be watching. Those who are doing as they should, have nothing to fear. Indeed, Panopticon will help us reward good behaviour and excellent teaching.

We trust that you like this idea, but if you should have any concerns please write to the Governor responsible, Albie Sinew.

Does everyone have the right to privacy even if they are doing something wrong?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

• In my opinion…
• I agree with… because…
• I would like to add…
• I would like to challenge… because…

6 thoughts on “This Week’s P4C 5.5.20

  1. Adam

    i think it is good to have privacy if people are having a privet talk or doing a secret that does not cause any problems want to have there own privacy . But if they are doing something wrong the teachers have to speak with them or if it continues with the same person then they have to deal with it with a red card .The people who are doing good in class or outside will get reward for there good behaviour but children who are not doing good and have with poor behaviour are not going to have a good time.That is why i think it is a good idea to put panopticon all over the school [excluding the toilets] .:)

  2. Rahima

    In my opinion people do have the right for privacy even if they are doing something wrong because it is one of the government’s rules

  3. Fazziletk

    in my opinion i think everyone has a right to privacy.
    it doesn’t feel nice when people keep looking at you.
    my mum said that you should have trust.

  4. Lehan

    I think that we should have cameras around the school, what if some one did something wrong and the teachers don’t even know???????

    1. Adam

      They can still hear you Lehan.
      people who are being naughty should not have there own privacy because they were being naughty . So imagine if you were being bullied then you tell the teacher they will and they will not have there privacy but then they say they did not do anything then they can check the camera for proof then the headteacher will sort out the problem with there mum / dad . That is why i think it is good to have cameras. 🙂


    I think people should have there privacy because when its wet play you can tell your friends you secrets


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