This week’s P4C 31.3.20

Starter Game: Would you rather…?

Would you rather be Hansel or Gretel?

Big Question

Before school closed we were looking at Fairy Tales and in particular; The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. A feature of a fairy tale is usually a happy ending and that got me thinking…

Does everyone deserve a happy ending?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

• In my opinion…
• I agree with… because…
• I would like to add…
• I would like to challenge… because…

Extra thought…Think about your own life.  How can you make sure you get your happy ending?  What would it look like?

13 thoughts on “This week’s P4C 31.3.20

  1. Alfie

    In my opinion only some people can have a happy ending because some people are very evil.

    1. Taya

      I think only the good characters deserve to have a happy ending because in some fairytales they would choose to save the world!!!

    2. Fazziletk

      Q1) I would be hansel because he is more clever, because he left pebbles.

      Q2) I think only good people deserve a happy ending, because bad people should go to jail, because they were being bad to good people. But maybe if they sorry they can have a happy ending.

      Extra thought.. I would like a happy ending. I would like to be in a magical world, like Dorothy from wizard of Oz.

    3. Hasan/Warhol

      I agree with Alfie because some bad guys can be really bad and they don’t deserve a happy ending

  2. Tayba

    I think ONLY the good characters deserve a happy ending because in some fairytales they can save the world!!!

  3. Shajida

    I think some people has happy endings but at the same time the villans don’t have a happy ending

  4. Lehan

    I would rather be Hansel, because he’s smart and I’m smart too!

    In my opinion I think that a character deserves a happy ending because it’s a fairy tale and it’s for kids and it can’t be a sad ending it will scare some little babies us well!

  5. Shuchi

    -In my opinion the people who is nice and kind to everyone deserves a happy life.People who is not selfish and also who treats everybody in the same way.No matter if they are poor or rich.They are the right person to have the happiest life ever.

  6. Imani

    I would rather be Gretel because she was smart enough to think of leading a trail of seeds so if there in trouble the seeds would lead them back home.
    In my opinion I think that everyone deserves a happy ending because they will turn bad to good because mostly people turn evil because of something bad that happened to them and if they get a happy ending there personality will change

  7. Nour/okeeffe

    1) I would rather be Gretel because in the story she was brave enough all by her-self of how she pushed the wicked witch!!!
    I missed you all ,and i hope you are all alright😂😂😂

  8. Mahir / okeeffe

    I THINK THAT EVERYONE WHO IS NICE AND NOT RUDE DESERVE A GOOD ENDING, BUT IN SOME MOVIES (e.g Avengers Infinity War) The BAD AND EVIL GUYS WIN. I have watched a few videos that have a
    sad ending. (sorry for the caps, I’m to used to them. HAahAHahHAhAHa.

  9. Mahir / okeeffe

    How do you use the laughing faces!!??!?!??!? XD XD XD


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