Hello Year 4!

We thought it would be useful to explain how the Thomas Buxton blog can help you with your home learning during this time so you can keep those brains active until we see you next! This post will stay at the top of the blog so you can refer back to it if you need to.

Everyday Miss Johal and Mrs Islam will be setting your Mathletics and Bug Club activities.*

Your Mathletics activities will include topics we still need to cover this term as well as topics we have already covered over the course of the year. This is to make sure you are learning something new as well as refreshing your mind on what you already know so you don’t forget important things… like your timetables!

For Bug Club, your teachers will be setting you your correct book band, You will then be completing the activities on the Bug Club website related to your set books.

Every Tuesday there will be a P4C question posted. As you know, YOU usually come up with the questions when we do P4C in school but, since this will be quite tricky when you’re all at home, your teachers will pick the question for you. For P4C, write a comment in the replymake sure you are safe online though and only write your first name. We will also post some sentence openers so you can use your fantastic P4C language to have a discussion in the comments! There will also be themed, Computing and Maths activities for you to complete. These will be fun and interactive!

Every week, Miss Johal, Mrs Islam and Mrs Milne will be checking to see who is commenting on the home learning activity posts on the blog and completing their daily Mathletics and Bug Club tasks. At the end of the week, your class teachers will be choosing TWO children to receive certificates for excellent home learning!

If you have any questions about home learning, leave a comment below and we will do our best to support you. 😊

* If your child is having trouble logging into Mathletics or Bug Club, please email year4@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk

6 thoughts on “WELCOME TO THE YEAR 4 BLOG!

  1. Lehan

    P4C Questions :

    1. I think that football, basketball, swimming, watching movies, and playing video games makes me happy !

    2. NO !

    3. NO !

  2. Fazziletk


    Q1) no, because lots of other things can make you happy like family fun day and eating chocolate
    Q2) you can be happy in lots of different ways, for example having a bbq when I can see my cousins, and getting a surprise is another way you can be happy.

  3. Nour/ okeeffe

    One thing that would make my life have a happy ending is always getting rewarded after hard working.ex:getting good in my exam and getting a big present like going to a restaurant or…….

  4. Adam

    I think 🤔 for you to have a happy ending life is to do the right things and do you he tight choices all the time. What makes me 😊 smile is to have fun with my family and friends and get rewards when I work hard.

  5. Rahima

    In my opinion it is not fair is children get punished if they misbehave because it might have been a mistake


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